Citrus Bistro opens its doors at Sengkang Sports Centre

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Had a media tasting on our hiking day so we put on our exercise gear and took a 8km walk from Ang Mo Kio to Sengkang which took us less than 1 1/2 hours to complete. Definitely a good workout to build up an appetite. ?

Sengkang Sports Centre | Anchorvale Community Club

We stopped by the Sengkang Sports Centre which is also home to the newly opened Citrus Bistro where we would be having a tasting session.

Citrus Bistro
57 Anchorvale Road
#01-01 Sengkang Sports Centre
Singapore 544964
Tel: +65 6904 4850
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/CitrusBistro/
Opening hours:
9.00am to 9.00pm (Tue to Sun)
Closed on Mondays except on PH

Citrus Bistro is only a 5-minute drive from Sengkang MRT Station and a 8-minute walk from Farmway LRT Station. It is located within the swimming complex so in order to come here, you would have to go through the gantry gate. If you’re here for a swim, you have to pay an entrance fee obviously. However if you only want to have a meal at Citrus Bistro, you can call them in advance or on the spot to make a reservation and you can just enter the premise without any fee. Do note it does not include the use of swimming pool and its facilities.

Citrus Bistro @ Sengkang Sports Centre

Citrus Bistro is actually the sister branch of Citrus By The Pool that’s located at Woodlands Swimming Complex. It is not the regular cafeteria that you may be thinking of.

Sengkang Sports Centre | Swimming Complex

The halal-certified bistro offers relaxed alfresco dining with a view of the lively and buzzing pool and water slides where families and children are having a ball of a time. Perfect for visitors who want to unwind and refuel after a swim.

Citrus Bistro menu

The menu (click on the above image to enlarge) at Citrus Bistro is very straightforward. It offers a good selection of light bites & snacks, Western cuisine, Asian fare and desserts.

Citrus Bistro @ Sengkang Sports Centre

Or take your pick from their selection of sandwiches, pastries and cakes here.

Citrus Bistro @ Sengkang Sports Centre

The Curry Chicken with Rice (S$9.90) is one of two branch-exclusive dishes (that means it is only available at this outlet). Besides rice, you can also opt for bread.

Citrus Bistro @ Sengkang Sports Centre

I enjoyed the Penang-inspired curry chicken of which its paste was freshly made with 15 different spices and aromatics. It was a very homely dish. Not heavily seasoned and not overly oily too. Though it wasn’t the most robust-tasting curry I ever had, I liked how the gravy was thick and creamy in texture and also redolent of fragrant spices.

One unique thing about this curry was that no coconut milk was used. In fact, the chef added a healthier alternative of almond buttermilk which was lower in saturated fats.

Exactly like how I would cook at home – with less salt, less oil, no MSG and healthy alternatives. It’s my definition of ‘good food’ that I’m sure you would be most happy to bring your family and/or little ones here to enjoy, guilt-free.

My only gripe, however, was that frozen chicken was used so the meat was quite tough.

Citrus Bistro @ Sengkang Sports Centre

The Beef Sliders with Nachos (S$10.90, also available in chicken version) was another branch-exclusive dish. Three mini beef burgers topped with sliced tomatoes, crisp lettuce, cheese and served with a side of nachos.

Of all the dishes I had sampled, this was my least favourite because the beef patties were very lean, quite overdone and dry. However, the juicy tomato and cocktail sauce made up for it as they would moisten every bite of the burger.

Citrus Bistro @ Sengkang Sports Centre

Tortilla chips were crispy and crunchy although the nacho cheese sauce was quite mild in flavour.

Citrus Bistro @ Sengkang Sports Centre

The Catch Of The Day (S$14.90) consisted of a salmon fillet on a bed of mashed potato with seasonal vegetables and mushrooms. On the menu, it was stated that the salmon would be pan-seared but due to some restrictions at the premise, the kitchen could not operate with a stove so this salmon was served steamed instead.

Whether the salmon was pan-seared, steamed or poached, it tasted just as good because of its distinctive flavour which I need not comment further.

Citrus Bistro @ Sengkang Sports Centre

The mashed potato was very smooth, creamy and well-seasoned and the vegetables were done perfectly too. And that sweet, salty and creamy sauce just bound every element on the plate. For maximum enjoyment, you would have to have a bit of everything in each mouthful. Delicious.

Don’t talk while you’re eating this though because you would have to keep a lookout for bones.

Citrus Bistro @ Sengkang Sports Centre

The highlight of my meal had got to be this Smoked Duck Breast (S$19.90) and mushrooms that were served atop mashed potato and lettuce leaves with hoisin sauce.

Citrus Bistro @ Sengkang Sports Centre

Smoked duck is always one of my favourite things to eat and this dish was just beautifully executed. Nothing complicated but I really enjoyed the pairing of the smoked duck with mashed potato. The duck breast was tender with a lovely, fatty skin layer on top while the sweet and piquant hoisin sauce lifted the smoky flavour of the meat. This was indeed moreish and I just couldn’t stop popping the 3rd (maybe 4th or 5th) slice into my mouth in one go.

Citrus Bistro @ Sengkang Sports Centre

For dessert, you have to try their signature Molten Chocolate Lava Cake (S$8.80) which I absolutely loved when I had it at Citrus By The Pool.

Citrus Bistro @ Sengkang Sports Centre

Couldn’t wait to tuck into that chocolate cake. ?

Citrus Bistro @ Sengkang Sports Centre

It didn’t disappoint. Just look at that decadent chocolatey mess. The combination of cold vanilla ice cream and warm chocolate lava cake was just splendid. So freaking good, I could just lick up the plate, haha.

Citrus Bistro @ Sengkang Sports Centre

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Overall, I had a good time at Citrus Bistro because I always like casual dining in a relaxing, no-frills atmosphere. It might be an open-air space but I didn’t feel hot or uncomfortable. Even though it was a scorching afternoon, it was in fact very breezy and well-ventilated. And since the bistro is conveniently located along the Punggol park connector, it just means we have an additional venue to refuel and recharge ourselves whenever we come here to hike or work out.

Prices are reasonable and there is no GST or service charge. Extra brownie points! ?? ??

Peeps, what are you waiting for? ?

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