[Closed] Dairy Queen @ United Square

05/16 update: Seems like Dairy Queen has ceased operation in Singapore.

It’s funny that the husband and I have now reversed roles. I used to be the one hooked onto online shopping but now he is the one looking out for deals and steals, haha. So while he was browsing for gadgets on Qoo10 a while back, he came across a Dairy Queen promo and managed to snag an ice cream deal. Who can resist a little sweet treat? 😉 Off we went to their United Square outlet for redemption.

Dairy Queen

Most of you are probably familiar with Dairy Queen which is an American soft serve ice cream & fast food chain that also owns Orange Julius. Though DQ has been in Singapore for a long time, I don’t remember having tried their ice cream before.

Dairy Queen

What’s special about Dairy Queen’s Blizzard ice cream? It’s actually vanilla soft serve blended with a variety of ingredients depending on what flavour you pick. Some popular flavours include Green Tea Choco Chunk, Brownie Temptation, Strawberry Cheesequake, M&M’s and more. And the interesting thing is, it’s served to you upside down. If the ice cream falls off the cup, it will be free. Well, I don’t think that’s ever going to happen, lol.

Dairy Queen

For our redemption, we only had 7 flavours to choose from so we ordered the Kit Kat (left) and Peanut Butter Oreo (right).

The Kit Kat came with generous chunks of the Kit Kat wafer biscuit which I thought tasted funny like some ‘imitation’ chocolate wafers. Definitely not the same real Kit Kat that I’m always fond of. But I loved the vanilla soft serve base that was smooth and creamy.

The Peanut Butter Oreo fared way better. It was nutty (or intensely peanut buttery) and had lots of Oreo bits in it that gave a good crunch.

Though both flavours came in 6oz mini cups (smallest size), I still felt it was a little too much for me because the ice cream was really sweet and rich. I got sickly of it just halfway through a cup. But I liked the consistency of the ice cream that was thick and it didn’t melt as easily as other kinds of ice cream. I don’t mind coming again for their Blizzard – really want to try the Green Tea one that wasn’t available when I was there. While the husband has no problem finishing up two cups on his own (he has a sweet tooth!), I would rather share one because it gets too cloying for me.

Dairy Queen
101 Thomson Rd
#01-K13, United Square
Singapore 307591
Website: http://dairyqueen.com.sg/
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/DairyQueenSingapore
Opening hours: 12.00pm to 9.00pm daily


  • Rohan says:

    I’ve been looking all over Singapore and been on the website but it seems like Dairy Queen has vanished! Is it still in Singapore and if so where exactly? I’m dying to have a blizzard like I used to during my childhood days at the Orchard Takashimaya and Wheelock place outlet!


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