D’Rubinah South Indian & Thai Muslim Seafood Restaurant @ Sembawang Road (Revisit)

Been almost 3 years since I last reviewed D’Rubinah Restaurant. Whenever the husband and I came by Sembawang Shopping Centre, we would almost always come here for a nasi briyani which I think is still one of the better ones out there. On my last visit, Godma and I shared a lontong which was incredibly yummy and this time round, I specifically came back just to have it but only to be told that it wasn’t available 🙁

D'Rubinah South Indian & Thai Muslim Seafood Restaurant

I settled for the Thai Style Mee Goreng which reminded me of a KL Hokkien Mee as the colour was dark as compared to the reddish/orangey hue of a local Indian mee goreng. A generous helping of ingredients like prawns, chicken meat and cabbage really gave textures to this noodle dish. Taste wise, it was salty and savoury but I could still taste this distinctive alkaline taste of the thick yellow noodles which wasn’t very pleasant. Overall, it was good but I really wished that alkaline taste could be reduced further.

D'Rubinah South Indian & Thai Muslim Seafood Restaurant

The Mutton Briyani was as good as always. Thick chunk of fork-tender mutton that didn’t taste too gamey and its gravy was viscous and delicious. Basmati rice that was fluffy and full of fragrance from spices especially cardamons. Achar was refreshing. Papadum crisps were light and crunchy. The only thing that I didn’t quite enjoy was the side bowl of curry gravy that was different from previous ones I had because this tasted really fishy. Other than it, this was a plate of sheer satisfaction.

The eating house is opened 24/7 so that makes it one ideal spot for supper hunters at night. I highly recommend the mutton briyani! And don’t forget to wash down those food with a glass of refreshing lime juice or sweet bandung! 🙂

D’Rubinah Restaurant
592 Sembawang Road
Tel: 6752 9947
Open: 24-hour daily


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