Durian Galore at Deluxe (SG) Trading, Sims Avenue

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I came across this durian stall a long while back when I was in the vicinity for supper but I didn’t try their durians until recently when my craving hit. This huge, brightly lit stall with a prized collection of different varieties of durians all neatly arranged on metal shelves is located opposite the 24-hour Ho Kee Pau across the road and is very near to Aljunied MRT. You can get teeny-weeny durians at $1.00 each or slightly bigger ones at $2.00 each. My durian buddy wanted to get the $2 ones but I wasn’t keen because they just didn’t look worth it despite its dirt cheap price tag, lol.

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Anyway, we weren’t exactly durian connoisseurs so paying high prices for Mao Shan Wang would be a waste on us so we settled for the 3 for $10 range which came in decent sizes. The buddy requested the uncle to pick out some big ones for us, only to be told that the smaller ones are of better quality so size didn’t really matter. He opened up every durian on the spot and let us inspect the insides. Looked pretty good.

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And here was our haul of 3 humble looking durians, lol. Didn’t manage to take any photos of the durian thereafter because we were seated by the roadside where it was quite dark. But anyway, each fruit had about 4-5 seeds and they tasted a little bittersweet with soft, creamy flesh. The seeds were quite small in size so overall they tasted quite ‘meaty’.

I think for the price we paid, it was a pretty good deal as all three durians were consistent in quality (maybe the uncle who chose the durians for us was just spot-on or lucky, lol) and most importantly, they tasted good and satisfied our palates and tummies. I actually felt a little full from eating these durians.

Apparently, Deluxe (SG) Trading is also the durian (and other fruits) supplier for our local supermarkets and the prices of their durians are quite competitive. Worth coming by for a durian feast. Enjoy the king of fruits!

Deluxe (SG) Trading
280A Sims Avenue
Tel: 6842 6828

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