Essential Deep Cleansing Care Shampoo and Conditioner

Could this be the end to my hair woes?

I certainly hope so.

Sometimes I just feel so gutted about my hair because ever since my hair got damaged by perm solution when Gran took me to a home-based hairdresser to get my hair permed when I was 9 years old, my hair just started growing out like hay. Unruly, frizzy, wavy, coarse, stubborn, difficult and knotty. Sounds terrible, isn’t it? Thank goodness my hay-like hair condition is now under control with yearly hair rebonding but again it’s still not the naturally soft and shiny crowning glory that I once had. Plus, chemical treatments aren’t that hair friendly too.

Because of the damage, caring for my hair can be a challenging task because just like combination skin, I have hair that exhibits similar signs of oily roots (and scalp) and dry, frizzy ends so it is almost impossible to find the correct range of shampoo and conditioner that is suitable for both my hair and scalp. Normally, I’d have to buy a different brand or range of shampoo from my conditioner. For example, I’d use a clarifying shampoo that thoroughly cleanses my scalp off any oily deposits but an ultra rich and moisturising conditioner to tame my ends. Even with this tactic, it may not prove to be the best solution because the shampoo causes my hair ends to be even drier and the conditioner causes build-up on the scalp that makes it feel oily again not long after washing. And I’d have to go through the whole vicious cycle again without easing the problem.

Essential Deep Cleansing Care Shampoo and Conditioner

I was excited when I came to know about the new improved Essential range of shampoos and conditioners because they combine Smart Cuticle Care & Sebum Cleansing Technology so we can have moisturised hair ends while keeping our scalp refreshed and breathable.

essential products

After trying out the Essential Deep Cleansing Care shampoo and conditioner for more than a week now, I’m actually very satisfied with them because no other products had given me the same results. I tried standard washing (shampoo then condition) and reverse washing (condition then shampoo) and both methods worked perfectly fine. Of course, these products wouldn’t revive my hair to an undamaged state like before but the effect they had on my hair after washing was good and it just makes me want to continue using this range.

What I like about Essential Deep Cleansing Care Shampoo/Conditioner:

1) I am impressed by the moisturising effect of the shampoo on my hair even before I use the conditioner. After shampooing and rinsing with water, I can actually run my fingers through my long hair easily (or comb it) without encountering any knot or tangle which I usually will have.

2) I love the light, refreshing scent of the products that lingers in my hair even till the day after. In fact, this is probably one of the best smelling shampoos ever!

3) The conditioner makes my hair ends feel really soft and it isn’t greasy or difficult to wash off. It doesn’t weigh my hair down either.

4) My scalp doesn’t feel or smell oily or itch at the end of the day and when I take a close-up look at my scalp area through the mirror, it just looks clean with no build-up. Normally, I’d already be scratching my head by this time!

5) My hair can be quite brittle and fragile but I find this cleansing shampoo/conditioner quite gentle and mild. I haven’t lost too many strands after washing. Phew.

Is there anything I dislike about the products? None, really. Perhaps I’m just lucky that these products are suitable for my hair and I really can’t pinpoint any flaws. While I can’t guarantee this range of Essential haircare products will have the same results on everyone since not all combination or damaged hairs are of the same nature, I think it’s worth giving the product a try as it doesn’t break the bank to do so. My hairstylist had recommended two expensive salon brands before but after trying them, not only did they not remedy the existing issues I already had with my hair, they either caused me more itch or scalp build-up besides wasting money for nothing. My point is, expensive hair products might not always be the best and affordable ones might not always be ineffective too. It’s all about trial and error and eventually finding the right product for your hair type.

gess shampoo brush

Good news! Now for a limited time only, Essential is giving away a massage shampoo brush (in hot pink or mint green colour) with every purchase of their shampoo and conditioner. For those who are new to shampoo brush, it’s actually a haircare tool that’s very common in Japan. A shampoo brush is used to help remove dirt and sebum more effectively from the scalp and the massaging action on the scalp also helps promote blood circulation and relieve tensions. If you often go for manicures, you wouldn’t want to use your fingers to rub your scalp too vigorously and that’s when a shampoo brush comes in handy so your delicate nail designs stay perfectly in place.


As compared to other shampoo brushes I’ve used before, this shampoo brush is of a better quality in a sense that the bristles are made of soft and flexible rubber-like material so they are not too abrasive on the scalp. The little guide that comes with it will tell you how to use the brush in a correct manner so you don’t cause your hair to tangle up.

GEss_Shampoo Brush Banded Pack (800x242)

You can now get your shampoo brush with Essential banded packs at all leading supermarkets and personal care stores. Each pack consisting of a 750ml shampoo, 750ml conditioner and a shampoo brush retails at S$19.60.

Alternatively, you can try out samples first before making your purchase. Just visit Essential Singapore’s Facebook page (www.facebook.com/essential.sg) and like them to redeem your free samples of Essential Deep Cleansing Care Shampoo and Conditioner.

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PS: This post is brought to you by Essential Singapore.

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