Face Ban Mian 非板面 @ Ang Mo Kio Central

I think I’m quite a ‘biased’ ban mian eater because I only go for my favourite Qiu Lian Ban Mian and I don’t give others a chance after having had some bad ones. This time round, I was surprised I decided to give a new ban mian stall a try, probably because I was captivated by its signboard and stall front (when did I become that superficial when it comes to food? lol!) and it also had the longest queue in the entire coffee shop which also houses the popular Tip Top Curry Puff. Well, there wasn’t anything else here that I fancied for lunch anyway :p

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Basically, we had to queue twice at this stall. First was to place order (on the right, in front of the cash register) then to the left to collect our food. There was a bit of confusion going on as customers were all over the place, queuing at the wrong line so now you know.

Pork Belly Ban Mian $4.30

Pork Belly Ban Mian $4.30

The husband ordered their pork belly ban mian that came with thinly sliced fatty pork belly (similar to those for shabu shabu) and the usual minced pork, fried ikan bilis and egg. The soup was quite tasty just like a seasoned steamboat broth after a lot of ingredients had been cooking in it and it wasn’t too salty too. It wasn’t artificially flavoured with MSG so overall it was still quite light on the palate. The anchovies were crispy; pork belly was tender. The minced pork wasn’t as flavoursome as Qiu Lian’s but was still alright. Noodles was done perfectly too. The only gripe we had was that the eggs in both our bowls did not come in whole (already ripped apart when served to us) and so the yolk was over-cooked in the hot soup. Would really prefer a runny yolk.

Original Yee Mian $3.30

Original Yee Mian $3.30

This was supposedly the Original You Mian but I requested for a change of noodles to yee mian instead. Unless you’re a big fan of yee mian (with texture like rubber bands), then opt for this. Otherwise, I’d suggest to stick with the usual you mian instead. The noodles was done al dente so it was firm and chewy, exactly how I like my noodles to be.

Overall, it was a decent bowl of noodles, much better than others I’d tried though I still think Qiu Lian is the best. This, however, can be a close second. Wouldn’t mind having it again.

Face Ban Mian 非板面
Blk 722 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8


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