Gabu Gabu Ice Cream Soda with Real Milk by Pokka

gabu gabu 1I met up with my supplier at Bedok North over the weekend and we popped into a nearby coffee shop for drinks when I came across these Gabu Gabu cans at the counter which reminded me of their recent commercials I came across on TV. Decided to give both flavours a try since the name is so adorably catchy, lol. It cost S$1.60 per can to consume at the coffee shop but NTUC is retailing them at a promotional price of S$3.95 (original price is S$4.80) for 6 cans till 28 February 2015 so peeps, if you’re interested to try out this new product, just get them from the supermarket or minimart.

gabu gabu 2

Gabu Gabu isn’t just about its name. In Japanese, it means “drinking very fast or drinking a lot”. In the Urban Dictionary, Gabu is defined as “Cool but silly. Used to describe things that are fascinating, yet has a light funny connotation associated to it.” So I suppose this drink just means it’s light and fun and it’s good so people will gulp it down or drink a lot of it. One unique feature of it is that it combines ice cream soda with real milk. And how did it taste?

While I used to like ice cream sodas a lot, I couldn’t help but find these extremely sweet. I would prefer the original flavour to the strawberry one as I could make out the taste of milk in the former which kinda gave a slightly more smooth texture to the soda. The strawberry one on the other hand was artificial-tasting and the flavour was so overpowering that all I tasted was that fake strawberry. I gave up after a mouthful – it was too much like drinking sweetened fizzy cough syrup, oops.

It’s a shame this new product didn’t quite work for me. I will still go for a normal ice cream soda anytime.

Gabu Gabu’s Website: http://gabugabu.com.sg/
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/GABUGABU.sg

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