Grandma’s Restaurant @ Raffles City

5 years ago, I tried the Nasi Bojari at Madam Kwan’s at Suria KLCC and I simply couldn’t forget its luscious plate of tri-coloured rice with their signature fried chicken leg, beef rendang and assam prawns. Though Madam Kwan is also available in Singapore now at Vivocity, it just doesn’t feel and taste the same. So whenever I head to KL, dropping by Madam Kwan’s is still a must every time.

A good alternative to the Nasi Bojari would be the Nasi Bukhari from Grandma’s Restaurant. Even its presentation looks 99% similar to the former.

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Nasi Bukhari $14.90

The succulent chicken leg is fried to perfection. Its skin is thin and crispy with hardly any fats underneath. And when you cut into the meat with your fork and knife, you’d be gratified to see juices oozing between the layers. I don’t think the chicken is marinated with any other seasoning so what I taste here is just the authentic freshness and sweetness of the chicken meat.

The beef rendang and assam prawns may look dry but they are superbly flavoursome. The beef cubes are so tender, the meat just breaks off easily. The prawns are fresh and crunchy and goes very well with the sliced onions. I wish there were more gravy for both items but I’m sure they would give if I ask.

The pilaf-style rice imparts a lovely smell of garlic, onion, turmeric and other aromatics and is nicely cooked, not dry or soggy, so every grain is well separated. And because every dish on the plate is so rich in flavour, you can just eat on and on with the rice like how we’d enjoy a good Nasi Padang or Nasi Lemak.

There’s also some hard-boiled egg and cucumber slices hidden below the chicken leg.

This is probably the 10th time I’ve had this at Grandma’s and it doesn’t disappoint each time.

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Otak Otak $7.90

A satisfying rendition of the famous Muar otah that some of us are familiar with. Whenever my maternal grandma goes back to Malaysia, she’d bring back a hundred packs of frozen Muar otah to give to family and friends. And this Grandma’s Otak Otak tastes very similar to the traditional Muar one with large chunks (not just small bits or paste) of fish meat in it and a strong flavour of coconut milk. It is delicious but I’d prefer it to be more spicy. And if the exterior can be a little more charred, it’d be even perfect.

2011-10-20 19.47.12

Deep Fried Dumplings $10.90

Inside each hefty dumpling is chunks of crunchy prawns. The outside is crispy but greasy and the inside is juicy and moist. Makes a decent nibble but nothing great to rave about. At $10.90 for 4 dumplings, I think it’s rather expensive.

Just remember to wash down your meal with a glass of their grass jelly drink ($2.00/glass). Not too sweet and with a generous helping of grass jelly. You’d be eating the drink, rather than drinking it!

Grandma’s – truly grandma’s cooking. Will be back for its Nasi Bukhari again.

252 North Bridge Road
#B1-76, Raffles City
Tel: 6333 5580
Open: 11.30am to 10.00pm daily

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