Hainan Curry Scissors Rice 海南咖喱剪刀饭 @ Cheng San Food Centre

Having lived in Ang Mo Kio all my life, I know there are actually a lot more to explore in this new town besides the AMK Hub and the already-bustling town centre. I realise there are so many food centres in the neighbourhood that we can go to even though every weekend my husband and I get into this dilemma of not knowing what to eat. So to start off our Ang Mo Kio food hunt, we decided to explore the various markets and food centres in Ang Mo Kio to pick out some worthy (or otherwise) treats and our first stop this time is the Cheng San Food Centre located at Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10.

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After walking around the food centre at least twice, only this stall captured my interest. I hadn’t had a Hainanese Curry Rice for years since my last taste of it at Chong Pang Market & Food Centre which I thoroughly enjoyed so I was quite looking forward to this.

Basically there are 5 sets to choose from:

Curry Chicken Set $3.00
Pork Chop Set $3.00
Braised Meat Set $3.00

and the following two sets which the husband and I had ordered so we can try out a variety of ingredients at one go. Of course, if you don’t fancy the sets and would prefer to pick out dishes you like, you can jolly well do that too.

4 Types Set from Hainan Curry Scissors Rice

4 Types Set $3.50

The 4 Types Set consisted of curry chicken, pork chop, egg and vegetables. It probably wasn’t a pretty sight with everything all lumped together in one mess but the beautiful thing about a Hainanese Curry Rice lies in the combination of the salty braising sauce and the sweet spicy curry gravy which in this instance was a perfect harmony. The chicken was cooked till tender perfection. It didn’t take much to fork the meat off the bone. The pork chop on the other hand was crispy on the outside but not overly greasy. The only pitfall was that the pork was kinda cold as though it was left out for a while. The vegetables was more of a cabbage chap chye style. Soft, not overcooked and with a slight crunch. Eggs never go wrong but if the yolk was a little more runny, it’d probably be a more flavoursome concoction.

5 Types Set from Hainan Curry Scissors Rice

5 Types Set $4

The husband went for the royal flush and ordered the 5 Types Set which was similar to the 4 Types Set except it came with braised meat (lor bak) as well. The braised meat was really fatty with a distinctive layer of fats beneath the skin but was thoroughly braised hence the deep brown colour and was really tender too.

One drawback with this meal was the rice which I thought was already soggy and made worse after being drenched in gravy. Other than this, it’s quite a plate of satisfaction. Good for any carnivore who loves meat.

Cheng San Market & Cooked Food Centre
Blk 527 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10

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