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We have ample choices of food delivery services in Singapore but I’m sure there can never be too many of them. Because whenever there is competition, there are also worthwhile promotions and/or discounts to look out for. ?

I’ve been using honestbee for my everyday grocery shopping for a long time now and so far, my past experiences of using their concierge services have been very positive. I can get my cooking ingredients and groceries at the same in-store prices and I manage to save so much time and hassle too (click on the link to read more).

Couple of months back, honestbee introduced their new food delivery service. I was pretty excited when my neighbourhood was one of the first few areas to kick off the service. Not only was honestbee able to offer me new and different food options (in addition to what foodpanda and Deliveroo have) but I could also maximise savings by making use of the available promo codes and deals as they were so aggressively marketing their new food delivery service. In fact, delivery had been free-of-charge too until early last week (it’s $3.50 now, which is still reasonable).

honestbee Food Delivery - Sumo Salad

Satay Beef Bowl from Sumo Salad

If you work in the CBD, there are countless options to choose from for lunch. My favourite places to order food from are those that serve up healthy/nutritious meals like Salad Lab, YOLO, Salmon Samurai, Guacamole by Gastro Therapy Group, Ninja Bowl, Poke Doke and more.

The above picture is of a Satay Beef Bowl from Sumo Salad. Beef, vegetables, brown rice, quinoa, crushed peanuts and satay sauce. Brilliant combination. A very substantial and delicious one too.

If you are busy with work or stuck in the office rushing a deadline, you can still treat yourself to a wholesome meal that’s delivered right to your office doorstep. No need to grab unnourishing quick bites from convenience stores or order uninspiring junk food. Eat real food instead. ??

honestbee Food Delivery - Ming Fa Fishball

Chicken Cutlet Minced Meat Noodles (Dry) from Ming Fa Fishball

And on the days of working from home or when you’re just too lazy to cook, there is also a wide range of food places from which we can order food from ‘cos honestbee now delivers islandwide.

My favourite is Ming Fa Fishball. I will order food from them at least once a week because they serve up pretty good bak chor mee and fried fish soup that are better than what I can get from the nearby hawker centre or coffee shops at where I live.

honestbee Food Delivery - Ming Fa Fishball

Signature Noodles (Dry) from Ming Fa Fishball

Ordering of food via the honestbee app or website is super straightforward and quick. I also like that we can customise our choice of ingredients. For example, different noodles, with or without chilli, with or without vinegar, etc.

honestbee Food Delivery - Ming Fa Fishball

Fried wantons from Ming Fa Fishball

I became such a regular that one day, Ming Fa even sent me free fried wantons, lol. I was sure it wasn’t a mistake because they weren’t even offering fried wantons on the menu. So this definitely came as a surprise. ?

honestbee Food Delivery - Tuk Wan Kitchen

Seafood Fried Rice, Pineapple Fried Rice and Black Olive Fried Rice from Tuk Wan Kitchen

Tuk Wan Kitchen is not bad if you crave for Thai food. Prices are a little ex for the small portion sizes but their black olive fried rice is so moreish. ?

honestbee Food Delivery - QQ Rice

Rice rolls from QQ Rice

Healthy rice rolls from QQ Rice are pretty awesome too ‘cos they always arrive fresh and hot. You can pick from the list of ready flavours or customise your own rolls with your preferred toppings.

honestbee Food Delivery - Takagi Ramen

Ramen takeaway from Takagi Ramen

Another of my favourite lunch item is the ramen from Takagi Ramen. There is even an option on the app to add on complimentary extra noodles just like how it’s like when you dine there in person.

Besides these, I’ve also ordered food from Popeye’s, Daawat Tandoori, Grub, Char Grill Bar, 88 Mustang, Tuk Tuk Cha and Seoul Yummy. As you can see – different cuisines, different price ranges and different establishments (from coffeeshop stall and cafe to fast food outlet and restaurant).

One thing that sets honestbee food delivery apart from others is that, there is no minimum order. For the rest, there is usually a $15 minimum spend. Here at honestbee, you can just order a $5 meal and still have it delivered to you. That’s very helpful because during times when you’re eating alone or you just feel like having something small, it’s almost impossible to clock up $15 worth of food all for yourself. Well, unless you’re going to stuff yourself (if not wasting the leftovers) or save some for your next meal.

Having ordered so many times on honestbee food, I’m pretty satisfied with the overall delivery time and customer service. There was once when the merchant cancelled my order because it was not able to fulfil it. And the honestbee food customer service rep that I chatted with on the app actually credited $15 to my account just to say sorry for the inconvenience caused. There was also another time when my delivery was late for 5 minutes and again honestbee gave me $15 credits automatically even though I wasn’t even complaining about it. Incredible service. My two thumbs up. ????

So yes, if you’ve not used honestbee food delivery service, do give it a chance and try it out.

By signing up for an honestbee account with this link here, you can get $10 (in credits) off a $20 order which is a whopping 50% discount.

Here are more promo codes that you can use to maximise your savings for future orders:


The trick is to key in these codes before you proceed to check out your order i.e. enter one code, click APPLY, click REMOVE and then the code you’ve entered will go into your coupon wallet. Repeat with the rest of the codes. This way, you can keep all the codes for future use because there is a limited time period to get each code. But do take note, every code has its own expiry date so always use the one that will go off soonest. Also, if you have already made your first order, the other first-time codes will just disappear from your wallet.

What are you waiting for? ? Go order some food now! ?

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