Kitchen@Work | The Hawker Japanese Cuisine

Hadn’t been to Ci Yuan Hawker Centre for the longest time. Decided to come by to grab a quick lunch when I was in the vicinity but was surprised to discover my favourite Fatty Cheong Roast Meats had already ceased operation. Thank goodness their original stall at ABC Brickworks Food Centre is still in business. Well, as always, most F&B outlets in Singapore don’t survive for long so if you do have a favourite eatery or restaurant, make the most out of it while you can.?

Kitchen@Work | The Hawker Japanese Cuisine

Nothing really caught my eye while there so I went with my hubby’s suggestion to try this which is also the only stall that serves Japanese cuisine here. Decent variety of Japanese fare. They have donburi, curry rice, teishoku set (dine-in version of bento), etc. All reasonably priced with nothing over $8.

Kitchen@Work | The Hawker Japanese Cuisine

Karaage Don

I liked how fresh-looking this Karaage Don was with that extra touch of pea shoots on top. And it came with a bowl of miso soup too. The chicken chunks were nicely fried. Inside was still moist and juicy. The beaten egg & sliced onions mixture really bound everything together. Overall, it wasn’t heavily laden with salt which was good. Felt like a homely yet wholesome and gratifying rice bowl.

Kitchen@Work | The Hawker Japanese Cuisine

Katsu Curry Rice

This curry rice was equally satisfying. The meat was fried to a crisp on the outside and was tender on the inside while the curry sauce was pretty much the same as those from a packet so that wouldn’t go wrong. If they could put some pea shoots on top, it would have been a perfect dish as the pea shoots would definitely add colour and crunch.

Simple meal. Affordable prices. Worth eating.?

51 Hougang Ave 9
#01-35 Ci Yuan Hawker Centre
Singapore 538776
Tues-Sun 11.00am to 9.30pm daily
Closed on Mondays

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