Krazy Salad Bar @ Toa Payoh Central

Some weeks back, I reviewed Seasonal Salad Bar that used to occupy this same unit space above KFC at Toa Payoh Central. After it shifted to a new location next to Courts, then came Krazy Salads which is like the 4th salad bar tenant of the same premise since Sizzler.

Krazy Salad Bar @ Toa Payoh Central

The husband and I walked past the area after our dental appointment one weekend and one of their staff was handing out coupon booklets. We took one and found some 1-for-1 salad buffet vouchers in it so decided to have our lunch here.

Krazy Salad Bar

Except for a different restaurant name and signboard, everything else seemed to remain the same as its predecessors from its menu offerings to its buffet-style salad bar.

Krazy Salad Bar

The spread wasn’t insanely huge but it had a decent variety of ingredients for DIY salads, ready made salads, soups and a small hot food section at the back that featured tomato-based spaghetti, chilli con carne, keropok and tortilla chips. There were also soft serve ice cream and a rojak station on the right hand side (not in picture) where we could make our own rojak.

Krazy Salad Bar Menu

And here’s the menu on a weekly rotational basis. If there are certain soups or salads that you’d like to have, it’s best to call and check which week’s menu is being served before you make your reservation to avoid disappointment.

Similarly to Seasonal Salad Bar, you can either order a main (from S$19.90+ & up) that also includes the salad bar or opt just for the salad bar buffet (S$17.90+/adult) alone. It seems like a more worthwhile deal to go for the main as the price difference between the cheapest main (like the black pepper chicken chop) and the salad buffet isn’t huge. However, my previous experience of having a main together with a salad bar buffet didn’t allow me to thoroughly enjoy my salads and I just didn’t like wasting food (like the carbs or fries on my main which I never manage to finish) so I’d rather give my full attention to the salad bar this time.

By the way, the salad buffet includes free flow of cordial drinks but iced or warm water is chargeable at S$0.50 per person (refillable). Doesn’t make sense but oh well, that’s how it is.

Now let’s take a look at the salad bar spread:

Krazy Salad Bar

Do-it-yourself section with an array of fresh ingredients

Krazy Salad Bar

Different ready salads

Krazy Salad Bar

3 soup choices: mushroom, country pumpkin & tom yum

Krazy Salad Bar

Fruits and agar agar

Krazy Salad Bar

Ice cream cones, sauces & toppings

Krazy Salad Bar Mushroom Soup

I loved their mushroom soup which wasn’t overly starchy and tasted earthy and creamy with lots of mushroom bits in it. The crispy croutons and wanton skin made excellent toppings too because they were so crunchy and sinfully good, haha.

Krazy Salad Bar Country Pumpkin Soup

The country pumpkin soup was a decent one too though I wished there was more pumpkin in it to pump up that sweetness and flavour.

Krazy Salad Bar

I started off with a simple salad with sesame dressing. For those of you who choose not to have a main, do not fret as there’s protein in the salad bar to bulk up your meal like these chicken breast chunks and ham slices. I loved those juicy canned button mushrooms that just burst in the mouth. And I was just so happy to see baby spinach leaves too. There were quite a few different choices of dressings from creamy ones to clear ones so peeps who are watching your diet, there bound to be something suitable for you too.

Krazy Salad Bar

Moving on to the ready salads that were creamier in texture and richer in flavour. Yum. It was a joy to eat those crackers with egg mayo and tuna potato. The Hawaiian chicken and Thai prawn salad were so appetising with its combination of tangy and sweet flavours.

Krazy Salad Bar

The spaghetti was ordinary as the sauce was out of a store-bought bottle but I enjoyed that chilli con carne cos’ it had my favourite kidney beans and it was packed full of flavour. I would recommend eating the spaghetti (if you really want to have it) with the chilli con carne instead of the tomato sauce.

Krazy Salad Bar

Another helping of the salads. Couldn’t get enough of that crab (it was actually imitation crabstick) & celery salad.

Krazy Salad Bar

Of this plate, I only liked the dates. The fruits weren’t sweet enough. And I’m not a big fan of agar agar.

Krazy Salad Bar

Finally I managed to do up a decent looking ice cream with pretty sprinkles as compared to the one I did at Seasonal which looked funny, haha. I liked the texture of the soft serve – not overly creamy or milky and it wasn’t cloyingly sweet too.

Krazy Salad Bar

I couldn’t forget this conversation I had with the husband when I looked out of the window.

Me: Nice to sit by the window. Can enjoy view and people watch as we eat. Eh, your friend (I pointed to this white creature outside).

Husband: What is a goose doing here?

Me: Goose?! Err…

Husband: Or is that a duck?

Me: Isn’t that a white cat?

And I just couldn’t stop laughing.

It was a cat that was licking itself but because of that angle it was seated, its leg resembled the head/neck of a duck or goose. A case of Mars vs Venus? –> men and women perceive things differently! And that marked the end of our hilarious and satisfying meal.

I had probably been to most if not all salad buffets available in Singapore by now so this visit to Krazy Salads wasn’t as exciting as I thought it would be as it’s just another salad bar of the same style. However, considering its value-for-money pricing (as affordable as S$9.90+ during weekday afternoon tea time 3-5pm), I think it’s still worth coming for the buffet as the soups are tasty and the salad ingredients are fresh too. In fact, as I’m writing this, I’ve actually been back a second time with different company. And I’m sure there will be a third in the time to come too.

Check out their weekday lunch promotion:

Krazy Salad Bar Weekday Lunch Promotion

Do note their sides and appetisers do not include the salad bar. And if you’re making use of any 1-for-1 promo or coupon, you’d have to pay the original pricing as indicated below regardless of the time of your visit which means if you come during 3-5pm on a weekday, the pricing of S$9.90+ per person is not applicable for 1-for-1.

Krazy Salad Bar Menu

Options for main courses that include salad bar buffet:

Krazy Salad Bar Menu Krazy Salad Bar Menu Krazy Salad Bar Menu Krazy Salad Bar Menu

Note: 10% service charge applies. There is no GST.

Krazy Salad Bar @ Toa Payoh Central
Blk 190 Toa Payoh Lorong 6
Singapore 310190
Tel: +65 6254 7872
Opening hours: 11.30am to 10.30pm daily
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Krazysldbar


  • Joanne says:

    I went to this place with a big group yesterday 19-10-2016..
    This is the first place I ever heard that the food cannot be share with my Daughter… mean she have to buy her own meal.. cannot touch my food????

    One of my boy drop / throw a piece of watermelon on the floor n a boy waiter came immediately to tell me off in a rude manner… ?

    N say please ask ur Son if don Wan then let us know …..my Son went to say sorry n was ignored by him…
    Then we r given a kind of stupid face by the staff

    I will never bring anyone there anymore!

    He has forgotten he is a waiter .. what is service line…he is to clear n show his smiling face

  • Wendy Lim says:

    Is seasonal salad bar better or Krazy?Which one would you prefer

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