Malaysia Visa | Borders Reopening 2022

Located in Southeast Asia, Malaysia is a country split in two by the South China Sea. One part of the country is located in Peninsular Malaysia whereas the other on the island of Borneo. Malaysia is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Its official language is the Malay language.

Malaysia Visa | Borders Reopening 2022

For tourists, Malaysia boasts beaches, beautiful landscapes, heritage sites, and adventures aplenty. However, since the COVID-19 pandemic, international travel has changed a lot as compared to pre-COVID days.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at travel to Malaysia, including the kind of travel authorization you’ll need to travel to the country, any COVID-19 restrictions, and some tips for travel to Malaysia. Keep reading to find out more.

What Travel Documents Do I Need To Enter Malaysia?

As with all kinds of international travel, there are a few different travel documents you will need to be able to enter Malaysia. This includes a valid passport and a form of travel authorization, which is in the form of a Malaysia visa.

There are many different kinds of visa options, including an eNTRI visa for Malaysia which is only available for certain people. Before you depart for Malaysia, you need to be certain that you have applied for the correct type of Malaysia visa to avoid any delays at the airport.

Different visas exist depending on the kind of trip you’re taking, how long you are staying, and where you are from.

Along with a passport and travel authorization, we would also always recommend you take out some form of travel insurance to cover any medical costs you may incur if you get sick while traveling in Malaysia.

Malaysia COVID-19 Travel Restrictions

Since the pandemic began, a lot of rules, regulations and restrictions have been imposed on international traveling. For Malaysia, specific rules are applicable depending on your vaccination status.

Malaysia Visa | Borders Reopening 2022

For fully vaccinated travelers, no quarantining is required when you land in Malaysia. You also no longer need to perform a pre-travel COVID-19 test. Malaysia requires you to prove your fully vaccinated status. Make sure you have had your final dose 14 days before you depart. You’ll need to complete your third dose to be classed as fully vaccinated.

For those who are not fully vaccinated and traveling to Malaysia, you will have to provide proof of a negative COVID-19 PCR test for entry into the country. It is mandatory to quarantine for five days upon arrival and you will also have to take a supervised lateral flow test.

Entry into East Malaysia may differ. We suggest you get in contact with your airline or travel agent to find out any further requirements for entry regarding COVID-19.

Tips For Traveling To Malaysia

Traveling to Malaysia can be an exciting time. You’ll never be bored as there is so much to do and see. This is perhaps why Malaysia is just so popular with tourists all over the world. If you’re planning a trip to Malaysia, we’ve gathered some of our top tips for travel below.

1.  Learn a bit of the local language

English is widely spoken in Malaysia. Learning some of the local languages can also come in handy and help your trip run more smoothly. Be aware that there are a few different languages spoken in Malaysia, including Malay, Chinese (Mandarin), and Tamil.

Malaysia Visa | Borders Reopening 2022

2.  Check out some of the local tours

If you want to explore the real Malaysia, join a localized activity like a walking tour or food tour so you can truly experience the local Malaysian culture while you’re there.

3.  Pack clothes for warm and humid weather

With a tropical climate, Malaysia is always hot and humid. This means you’re going to need to pack clothes that are suitable for warm weather. Don’t forget your sunblock and other sun-safe items, like sunglasses or a hat.

4.  Use the public transport

Public transport is a great way to get around Malaysia, and it’s cost-effective. We recommend checking out the means of transport and routes prior to traveling. An unfamiliar transport network may make you feel overwhelmed!

5.  Tipping is not necessary

Most cafes and restaurants in Malaysia will always include service charges in their bills. There is no need to tip separately when you’re there.

6.  Travel safe

While traveling, always remember to keep emergency cash on you. Keep your personal belongings properly, and make sure that you remain with your group. In terms of COVID-19, ensure you follow local guidelines. Wear a mask in public indoor settings and on public transport. And wash your hands regularly to keep yourself safe from the virus.

Final Thoughts

Malaysia is a popular tourist destination because of its wide variety of activities, tourist sites, and beaches. The borders of Malaysia are now open and the rules for entry are different depending on your vaccination status. Therefore, please ensure you check the requirements before you depart so as to avoid any delays.

Take care and safe travels!

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