Manna Story @ Plaza Singapura

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Entering this casual Korean restaurant makes me feel I’m at a friend’s house with a very homely and cosy atmosphere which was really the first thing that caught my eye as the husband and I was roaming around for a lunch option.


I’m sure that’s a Korean chef in the kitchen. Everything in here from the decor to the furniture are just so Korean.


And this is the beauty of Korean cuisine. I just love the assortment of side dishes that accompany every meal from the kimchi, fried anchovies, sauteed bean sprouts, braised potatoes to the egg drop soup. If you like variety like me, Korean food is something not to be missed. Steamed rice is served in stainless steel bowls and typical Korean stainless steel cutlery will be provided too. A quintessentially Korean food culture.

Beef Bulgogi

Beef Bulgogi

I can never resist beef bulgogi when I dine at Korean restaurants even though this is something that I regularly make at home. (Click here for my beef bulgogi recipe) Tender beef slices that are beautifully marinated in a sweet & salty seasoning sauce. Every mouthful of the beef is simply flavoursome even though it looks like there’s not much sauce or gravy. Perfectly paired with steamed white rice. The cabbage, carrots and green onions also give that extra crunch.

Spicy Pork Cutlet

Spicy Pork Cutlet

A generous portion of pork cutlet that is first cut into long chunks before deep frying them so every piece has a nice crispy golden brown crust. The pork slices are probably dredged lightly in flour so the frying batter remains thin. Every bite of the pork is just filled with juicy, tender meat. The sticky glaze sauce that is spooned over the cutlets is both sweet and spicy which really enhances the flavour of the otherwise plain pork.

Will I be back? Definitely. Authentic Korean food at such affordable prices in the heart of Orchard. Generous portions (you can ask for refills for the side dishes too – they are not stingy at all!) and great flavours. What’s not to like? This place has my two thumbs up!

Manna Story
#B2-22, Plaza Singapura
68 Orchard Road
Tel: 6238 1245
Opening hours: 10.00am to 9.00pm daily

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