Maple Loft – Old School Biscuits, Snacks & More

I am seriously addicted to Qoo10. And I’m not alone. ‘Cos I think the husband has a more severe addiction. ?

We have been spending a good amount of time everyday, just sniffing around the Qoo10 website for interesting things to buy. Funny thing is, we don’t normally miss what we don’t have but once we set our eyes on something, we will always have some reasons to justify those purchases, lol. Oh man.

Today, I’ve handpicked another store on Qoo10 to recommend you all.

Maple Loft offers a taste of nostalgia with its wide selection of retro snacks, biscuits, sweets, kiam sng tee (preserved fruits) and toys.

Those of you born in Singapore in the 80s would probably remember Iced Gem Biscuits, Choki Choki, Hiro Choc Cake, Ding Dang, White Rabbit Sweets, Blowing Balloon and Card Games like Happy Family, Snap and Old Maid.

These were all stuffs that we grew up eating and playing with. However, as we got older, most of them had disappeared from retail shops through the years. It came to a point when these things were almost forgotten because we just couldn’t find them anywhere anymore.


now we can easily buy old school biscuits and tidbits online! How convenient!

Maple Loft Old School Biscuits

I got these old school biscuits from Maple Loft’s store on Qoo10. They always have frequent promotions and discounts. Right now, the regular price is $12.50 for a bundle of 5 but I got mine for just $9.90. However, do note certain biscuit selections require a small top up. Best of all, delivery is included so you can have these biscuits delivered to your doorstep.

Packaging is nothing fanciful here as these biscuits are sold by weight so they are merely packed in transparent plastic bags and then tied up with rubber bands. Rustic is the word, haha.

Going in clockwise direction starting from the top middle:

Got the Pineapple Jam Biscuits for the husband as he likes them. Tried a few too. They were good. Very fresh and the sticky, thick pineapple jam wasn’t too artificial-tasting.

Enjoyed dunking the Rusk Crackers in coffee. Loved that hardy kind of crunchiness but these would not be suitable for folks with weaker teeth or dentures because they would be too hard to bite into.

The Coconut Crackers had this powdery kind of texture on the outside but they were redolent of coconut milk flavour which was really fragrant.

Baby Balls were my favourite. A little on the sweet side but just couldn’t resist popping these cute-looking round balls into my mouth. They literally just melted.

Hoa Poa (Durian) had a delicious crunch on the outside and an equally tasty durian-flavoured wafer on the inside.

Maple Loft’s stock gets replenished on a weekly basis so every batch that we buy is guaranteed to be fresh which is what I like. Nothing’s lao hong (losing crisp due to staleness). And I do like their variety of biscuits too.

Going to order another batch of biscuits as I’m almost finishing this current lot. Can’t wait!

By the way, there are few shops in Singapore that also sell similar old school biscuits and tidbits such as Biscuit King @ Casuarina Road, Munch Munch @ Chinatown Point (B2) and Lao Jie Fang @ People’s Park Complex Food Centre (3rd floor). So if you feel like taking a trip down memory lane this weekend, go check these shops out.


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