Miss Kwan’s Tasty Recipes @ Suria KLCC – A Quick Service Restaurant of Madam Kwan’s

Miss Kwan's Tasty Recipes @ Suria KLCC

I met up with J for lunch at Suria KLCC. We wanted to go Madam Kwan’s initially but the queue was just crazy during peak lunch hour. As J didn’t have time for a long leisurely lunch, we settled for Miss Kwan’s Tasty Recipes which is a Quick Service Restaurant of Madam Kwan’s located on the same level.

There were only 2 other customers when we were there; it was absolutely quiet. We were quite tempted to change venue because it looked uninspiring but in the end we still decided to give it a chance as we didn’t want to waste time searching for another option. Well, at least we would know if it was worth a return visit next time.

Miss Kwan’s doesn’t offer the same extensive menu as Madam Kwan’s. There are only 11 selections of mains or set meals as follows:

  • Nasi Bojari (RM26.90)
  • Beef Rendang with rice (RM17.90)
  • Nasi Lemak (RM19.90)
  • Assam Prawns with rice (RM18.90)
  • Assam Fish with rice (RM18.90)
  • Chicken Rice (RM18.90)
  • Prawn Mee (RM17.90)
  • Assam Laksa (RM17.90)
  • Curry Laksa (RM17.90)
  • Fish Ball Noodle (RM15.90)
  • Chee Cheong Fun with Curry Chicken (RM13.90)

Each of the above comes with a cold drink.

Prices are about RM1-3 cheaper than Madam Kwan’s and are subject to 6% GST with no service charge.

Miss Kwan's Tasty Recipes @ Suria KLCC

Everything is self-serviced here. After placing your orders and making payment at the cashier, grab your cutleries and sauces or condiments from this station.

Miss Kwan's Tasty Recipes @ Suria KLCC

Must take their sambal belachan. Uber shiok.

Miss Kwan's Tasty Recipes @ Suria KLCC

For drinks, we had Iced Lemon Tea and Umbra (a.k.a. kedondong or buah long long) Juice. The iced lemon tea was normal like those canned or bottled type. The umbra juice, however, tasted sweet, sour and grassy which I didn’t like. Would prefer those buah long long juice with sour plums in it.

Miss Kwan's Tasty Recipes @ Suria KLCC

This was the Beef Rendang Set (RM17.90) that was plated on a melamine plate that reminded me of canteen or hospital food. Looked so not appetising and the food wasn’t even hot enough.

Taste wise, it definitely fared better than its appearance. The beef rendang was flavoursome and tender. The dried shrimp salad was appetising. The tri-coloured rice was the same as the one used for their Nasi Bojari which was alright. It also came with a small bowl of spiced soup with okra in it – nothing to shout about.

Miss Kwan's Tasty Recipes @ Suria KLCC

The Nasi Lemak Set (RM19.90) didn’t look much more presentable than the Beef Rendang Set. Everything was just plonked onto the plate.

The rice wasn’t the best I had (a little soggy) but the other sides were delicious such as the robust tasting curry chicken, flavoursome sambal ikan bilis and dried shrimp floss.

All in all, I wouldn’t say this was a spectacular meal as food were poorly presented and were not hot enough. If you have the time to spare to wait for a table during busy meal times, go to Madam Kwan’s instead. Not much savings anyway by dining here so might as well go all the way and get the real deal.

For the same price paid, I would probably enjoy a more sumptuous and tasty plate of nasi campur from the Signature Food Court at Level 2. Had that twice and they were so good especially when eaten with the sambal belachan & sambal hijau (green chilli) provided.

Sorry Miss Kwan. We are not coming back again.

Miss Kwan’s Tasty Recipes
Lot K43B , Level 4
Suria KLCC, Kuala Lumpur City Centre
50088 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +60 3-2161 2730
Opening hours: 10am to 10pm daily

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