Monster Curry @ Ion Orchard

I’ve been wanting to try Monster Curry for quite a while but whenever I pass by one, the long queue just puts me off. I finally got the chance to one weekday before the peak lunch hour.

Monster Curry claims to be the biggest and heaviest Japanese Curry Rice in Singapore. Probably yes because it’s the biggest (hence heaviest) plate I’ve seen being used to serve curry rice. See the picture below where I had compared the size of the plate to the can drink.

IMG_0051Monster Combo Curry Set (S$25++)

I ordered one Monster Combo Curry set to share with my husband and it came with pork katsu, fried fish, pork shabu-shabu, prawn tempura and grated cheese. When the rice was served to our table, I was thrilled to see the variety of ingredients soaked in a massive amount of gravy. Yum yum yum.

The pork katsu, fried fish and prawn tempura were crispy but I found them a little too greasy with a slightly thick batter on the outside. The fish was fresh with no fishy smell and the prawns had a good crunch too. The pork shabu-shabu was surprisingly tender and very tasty. Even the coleslaw was lovely with a soury sweet thousand-island like dressing that really whetted the appetite.

There are 5 spicy levels to choose from:

1 Flame (Normal Hot)
2 Flame (Extra Hot)
3 Flame (Very Hot)
4 Flame (Super Hot)
5 Flame (Monster Hot)

And we picked Extra Hot which I presumed was the chilli sauce that was drizzled over the curry. The curry sauce was a clear winner. It tasted different from the packet Japanese curry sauces we could get from the supermarket. This gravy was rich in flavour with a good balance of sweetness, spiciness (from the chilli sauce) and saltiness (from the cheese) that really blended well together.

It really wasn’t as spicy as we expected so we would probably try Super or Monster Hot next time.

IMG_0054Want a plate too?

This combo set is probably enough for sharing between two small-to-medium eaters because the rice portion isn’t huge. Probably it’s the way the food is presented on a large plate with a splatter of curry sauce hence it looks like a big portion. One guy seated at the next table had a whole combo set to himself!

It is not a cheap meal for Japanese curry rice but I will definitely return because the curry sauce is worth coming back for.

Monster Curry
Millenia Walk #03-05
Ion Orchard #B4-52
313 Somerset Food Republic #05-01
Website: http://www.monstercurry.com.sg

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