Tasty Thick Toasts from My Taste @ Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10

The husband and I wanted to have lunch at Nakhon Kitchen at Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10 but it was closed (without notice) on that day so we ended up eating duck rice from a nearby coffeeshop. We were about to make our way to Coffee Bean at AMK Hub for a coffee fix when we stumbled upon My Taste at the void deck of Blk 529.

An interesting find indeed. My Taste is a casual dessert & snack house that serves up traditional eats like red bean paste, almond cream, yam cake, chee cheong fun, fried bee hoon, curry chicken etc as well as thick toasts of sweet & savoury flavours and a wide variety of beverages. They also have shaved ice desserts that come with interesting toppings of froot loops, coco pops and more.

My Taste @ Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10

Though this humble, open-air eatery looks like a family-run business, there is still a touch of hip element as young teenagers manage the shop that plays songs from the 90s in the background. Think Backstreet Boys and Boyzone.

Interior seating space isn’t a lot but there are additional tables & chairs outside.

2014-12-10 13.33.01

The moment you step into the shop, you can see the walls and counter all covered with pictures of food and drinks just like a very huge menu.

2014-12-10 13.33.10

Took us a while to decide what we wanted as there were so many stuffs to choose from. Got to order and pay first at the counter. Food and drinks would then be delivered to our table.

2014-12-10 13.39.40

Drinks wise, we ordered the (from left to right) Hazelnut Coffee ($1.80) and Grass Jelly Milk Tea ($2.20). The coffee wasn’t a strong brew but it was perfect for non-regular coffee drinkers like us. I didn’t like the hazelnut flavour though as it was quite artificial in taste.

The milk tea came with big chunks of soft grass jelly that we could suck up with the big straw. The milk flavour tasted more like a creamer. Hubby said it reminded him of the milk tea from SweetTalk Bubble Tea, lol.

Both drinks weren’t very sweet and were cold & refreshing for a hot afternoon.

Tasty Thick Toasts from My Taste @ Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10

The Mushroom Bonito Thick Toast ($3) had a generous topping of sliced button mushrooms and bonito flakes, followed by a drizzle of mayo and okonomiyaki sauce.

2014-12-10 13.41.19

While the exterior was tasty just like the Japanese savoury pancake, the inside of the toast was bland and the crust/skin wasn’t as crispy as I hoped it would be.

Tasty Thick Toasts from My Taste @ Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10

The Honey Butter Toast ($2) fared better though I would prefer the taste of maple syrup to honey. I liked how the thick toast was scored so the butter could melt and soak through the inner layers of the bread.

2014-12-10 13.48.49

Every mouthful was just heavenly! The salted butter was fragrant and the crust was extremely crispy too. I could easily have another one to myself!

My Taste is just like an old school cafe, ideal for light meals, snacks and drinks. Prices are so affordable (no GST, no service charge) and its location in a quiet neighbourhood of Ang Mo Kio is a plus point too. Can’t wait to come back to try the other stuffs on the menu. This hidden gem is worth recommending!

My Taste 品味
Blk 529 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10
Singapore 560529
Tel: 6453 3781
Opening hours:
8.00am to 4.30pm (Wed-Mon)
Closed on Tuesdays

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