Nonya Kueh from Tiong Bahru Galicier Pastry

Tiong Bahru Galicier Pastry is a neighbourhood bakery that specialises in traditional nonya kuehs, cakes and pastries. A simple shop front with no fanciful finishings, it exudes a type of old-school charm which I used to see back in the 80s. Totally unpretentious but filled with delectable snacks that bring back the fond memories of the good old days.

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I’m always excited when I see such a bakery because I know the inside will boast of stories and recipes that are passed down from generations. This sense of nostalgia and familiarity is exactly what makes these kuehs taste even more extraordinary.

IMG_5580 An assortment of nonya kuehs

The kueh dadar that we normally get from elsewhere is a green-coloured, pandan-flavoured pancake roll filled with brown-coloured grated coconut that has been soaked in gula melaka syrup (palm sugar) but Galicier’s kueh dadar is one of a kind. There is no gula melaka used in the filling so the grated coconut is snow white in colour. And to my delight, the coconut filling is fresh, juicy and crunchy. It is the first time I have tasted the original flavour of coconut in a kueh dadah without having its aroma overpowered by the rich taste of the gula melaka. It is mildly sweetened with rock sugar but definitely not cloyingly sweet. Kudos to this, it’s the BEST kueh dadar I’ve had in Singapore so far.

The ondeh-ondeh (round glutinous rice balls filled with gula melaka) is also very different from the usual ones we get. It is orange in colour with a tinge of sweet potato fragrance as Galicier has added mashed sweet potato to the dough. And the best thing about this ondeh-ondeh? It’s the explosion of liquid gula melaka with tiny toasted sesame seeds when you take a bite of each morsel. If you’re not careful, the lava might just dribble down your mouth and make a mess. But that’s just the fun of eating. The soft and slightly chewy dough is so smooth, it almost melts in your mouth like mochi. Seriously, who invented ondeh-ondehs? These are just so lip-smacking good!

The other kuehs are also worth a try but the kueh dadar and ondeh-ondeh are the clear winners. The main reason why I have truly enjoyed these treats is because they are not overly sweet, yet each and every one of them has their own distinctive flavour and taste. Thumbs up.

What I have bought here is not even half of what Galicier has to offer so I’ll definitely be back again to try the other kuehs.

Tiong Bahru Galicier Pastry
Block 55 Tiong Bahru Road #01-39
Tel: 6324 1686
Open: 10.00am to 8.30pm daily (Closed on Monday)


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