Noodle Shack @ Avenue K – For healthy traditional Chinese home-made noodles

Almost coming to an end of my KL travel & eat-venture posts. I’ve shared many good eats in KL so far but I haven’t touched on dining options in Avenue K even though my hotel was only next to it. So in my final 2 KL posts, I shall feature two restaurants in Avenue K that I think are worth checking out when you’re here.

Noodle Shack @ Avenue K

After more than a week of non-stop eating, all I wanted was to have a healthy and wholesome meal that could briefly reset my digestive system and restore my gut health. And there wasn’t a better place than Noodle Shack that was capable to do the job.

Noodle Shack @ Avenue K

Noodle Shack prides itself on offering healthier alternatives to the health-conscious as they do not add MSG, preservatives and artificial colouring to their food. Also, everything is served with less salt and less oil.

Now, that doesn’t equate to bad food. Just read on first.

Noodle Shack menu

I loved their menu that came in the form of a scrapbook on a jotter book. Had this personal creative touch and it looked quite cute too.

Noodle Shack menu Noodle Shack menu Noodle Shack menu Noodle Shack menu Noodle Shack menu Noodle Shack menu Noodle Shack menu

Do note all prices are NETT with no GST or service charge which makes dining here a pretty affordable affair.

Noodle Shack Hand Made Mackerel Fish Ball in Soup

We had a bowl of Handmade Mackerel Fish Ball in Soup (RM7.90) to share. There were 5 fish balls in it. The size of the fish ball was quite small but if you’re just having this as a side, it should be good enough. The fish balls were very springy and they didn’t have any fishy taste. Even though the soup was MSG-free, it was still quite sweet and flavoursome.

Noodle Shack Traditional Dry Pan Mee

The Traditional Dry Pan Mee (RM10.90) came with fried anchovies, minced chicken, mushrooms, black fungus and fried beancurd sheets. Noodles had a QQ texture. I loved the crisp and crunch of the anchovies and beancurd sheets – so tasty.

Noodle Shack Hakka Pounded Tea Pan Mee

The Hakka Pounded Tea Pan Mee (RM13.90) was like a thunder tea rice in noodle form. It had ingredients like sayur manis, chye poh, tofu, peanuts, french beans, spring onions and sesame seeds. A bowl of tea soup was given separately.

Noodle Shack Hakka Pounded Tea Pan Mee

It was my first time eating noodles in this flavour. The noodles were perfectly cooked, all springy and with a nice chewy bite. The vegetables and peanuts added a lot of crunch to the texture and the chye poh & tea soup flavoured the whole dish with more body.

After the meal, I actually felt good inside and out. Like some burden had been removed from my stomach. Well, psychologically, obviously. Haha! Anyway I wouldn’t say Noodle Shack is big on flavours but considering it’s food on a healthier note, I think they have nailed it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Noodle Shack
UC-6 Avenue K,
156 Jalan Ampang,
50450 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +60 03-2181 8318

Other outlet locations:
IPC Shopping Centre (IKEA), 1 Utama Shopping Centre,
DPulze Shopping Centre and Atria Shopping Gallery

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/NoodleShackMianFenJu
Website: http://www.noodleshack.com.my/
Opening hours: 10.00am to 9.30pm daily

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