[CLOSED] Popiah from Nonya Pancake @ AMK Central S11 Food Court

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Most of the time, the husband and I only come to this food court for Penang Delights Prawn Mee & Lor Mee (read my review here) which is one of the better ones I’ve tried in Singapore. Just two months ago, we were gallivanting late at night around AMK Central and felt like having something light for supper. That was when we stumbled upon this stall that sells popiah and rojak. And it is now one of my favourite places for popiah which I love and hate at the same time as the service is a let-down.

This stall is managed by one middle-aged lady who doesn’t look friendly at all. And when she asks if we want chilli with our popiah, she speaks in an aloof manner too. Whether or not there is a queue at the stall, she takes ages to make the food without caring if the whole wide world may be waiting. If you want to try the food, make sure you’re not pressed for time and be prepared to wait even if you’re first or second in the queue. Probably no one has tried (or dared) to ask her to hurry up because she looks pretty fierce, lol. But she is very meticulous when it comes to wrapping the popiah, always making sure every one is made with care and consistency.

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Popiah costs $1.50 each which is a pretty standard price. I like the popiah skin (2 sheets are used per popiah) which seems to be a little bit thicker than some I’ve tried and there is this slight chew or bite to it that I really like. The jicama filling is firmly squeezed to remove excess liquid that will make the popiah soggy so every piece can be lifted up with chopsticks without it tearing.

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In terms of the ingredients, they are pretty much the same as any other popiah. Nothing fanciful here either. No prawns or lup cheong (chinese sausage). Just the jicama, bean sprouts, egg, ground peanuts, crispy fried batter bits, sweet sauce and chilli paste.  Somehow I find the jicama filling extremely decadent. Not sure if there is MSG in it (well I don’t feel thirsty after eating) or perhaps some broth is used to cook the jicama but the mixture is very flavoursome and sweet in a natural way. That’s what makes the whole popiah really tasty. I’ve had the popiah several times now and the quality has been consistent so far. Next time, I’d be back to try the rojak.

Nonya Pancake Stall @ S11 Food Court
Blk 711 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8

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