Prawn Aglio Olio Recipe

I can’t believe I’m now down with chickenpox (again) even though I already had it when I was younger. Most likely the previous occurrence wasn’t a full blown one so it’s back again after 20 years. Anyway the doc asked me to keep away from seafood but since I had so much prawns left in the freezer (bought way too much during CNY!), I decided to clear some space and make an aglio olio for the husband (yeah, one of his favourites) to enjoy while I ate my very unexciting pork porridge that he bought for me from the market, lol. Looking at those big & juicy prawns that the husband was tucking into really made my (sick man’s) food look even more depressing 🙁

Ok, this is not supposed to sound so sad. I’m actually doing fine except I look a little hideous with those blister spots (yikes!) over my body and I have to quarantine myself at home obviously so it’s a little boring being cooped up at home while eating this anti-virus drug every 4 hours that really makes me feel kinda lethargic. But…cooking in the kitchen always keeps me happy 🙂

So let’s cook, eat and be merry! Hope you enjoy this Prawn Aglio Olio Recipe!

Prawn Aglio Olio Recipe

Prawn Aglio Olio Recipe

Ingredients (serves 1)
120g spaghetti, cooked according to packet instructions
6-8 large size prawns, de-shelled & de-veined
1/2 bulb garlic, finely chopped
1 + 1 tbsp olive oil
1 tbsp unsalted butter
1/2 tsp dried chilli flakes
salt & freshly ground black pepper

1. Heat 1 tbsp olive oil in pan and melt the butter till frothy. Add in the prawns, season with salt & pepper and pan-fry them till they turn opaque. Remove and set aside.
2. Add the remaining olive oil in the same pan and saute the garlic and chilli flakes till fragrant.
3. Toss in the cooked spaghetti and season with a little salt. Serve the spaghetti with the prawns on top.


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