Product Review: BRAND’S InnerShine Marine Collagen Essence Strip

From collagen drink, powder, hot pot, make up to skincare, ‘collagenisation’ is now an emerging trend. I used to think only the more senior ladies would require collagen because that’d be when age is shown significantly on the skin. But as I gradually move into my 30s and experience the changes myself, I realise that any woman whether in their 20s or 30s like me would be similarly vulnerable to the effects of gravity over time. I must admit I have many more wrinkles now and my skin is no longer as supple and bouncy as before. It is probably impossible to achieve youthful skin again but there are so many things we could do to slow down the effects of growing older. Sleeping well, eating right, exercising and be happy.

I first became interested in collagen for health reasons rather than for beauty when I injured my lower back many years ago and my godma started braising this chicken feet and sea cucumber dish for me regularly so I could recover from the painful condition.

Consuming chicken feet, pig trotters or pork knuckles may be good for the skin and joints but too much of these would definitely cause weight gain and other health problems so when I got to know BRAND’S came up with this Made in Japan beauty supplement ‘snack’ with zero fat, I was tempted.


This is collagen in the form of a jelly strip snack (individually packed) which I can just pop into my bag and have it on the go. It’s just like eating a fruity-flavoured gummy strip!

Each jelly strip has only 12 calories and is available in 3 flavours:

Acai Berry
Kyoho Grape
Japanese Mikan

All of which are made up of low molecular weight marine collagen that helps to maintain skin suppleness and elasticity, contain Vitamin E and support skin health. The Acai Berry one which is also my favourite among the three contains real juice from the berry itself and has high antioxidant properties too.


This is how each jelly strip looks like. Soft, smooth and wobbly. Just peel away one end and slurp the jelly from the packet without dirtying the hands.

When I took my first bite of the jelly strip which was the Kyoho Grape flavour, its taste reminded me of kelp with a taste of the ocean. As I got used to that initial taste, now it’s just like any ordinary grape-flavoured jelly. The Acai Berry tasted like a strawberry-flavoured jelly and the Japanese Mikan had a citrusy flavour that resembled some instant orange powder drink.

It is recommended to consume 1-3 strips daily. This is considered a health supplement so if you’re allergic to seafood or have any existing medical problem, please consult your doctor before consuming this product.

My skin has become more supple and tight with less breakouts since I started exercising regularly a month ago so I’m not quite sure if it is the exercise that helps or the supplement as I’ve only started taking this product 2 weeks ago (1 strip every morning). I’ve not seen any significant benefit yet but it makes a wonderful snack nonetheless as it tastes pretty good.

Currently, the BRAND’S® InnerShine® Marine Collagen Essence Strip retails at S$35 for a box of 14 strips or S$9 for a trial pack of 3 strips (1 of each flavour). It can be ordered online from their website here.

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