Rabbit Brand Seafood Delicacies @ Circular Road

It has been more than 5 years since I came here for a meal. [Read my earlier blog post on this place -> Rabbit Brand Seafood Delicacies.]

Been wanting to bring J here to try the food but never got the chance to until recently when we were out for an urban walk and we happened to come to Circular Road. I realised later that they also have another branch at Lucky Plaza (#02-114) which would be more convenient for us to drop by next time.


The restaurant hasn’t changed much, it looks just as run-down as before. The menu has been updated with new pricing though. Previously, they would add on 7% GST to the bill but now the menu prices are already inclusive of the GST which means there hasn’t been an increase of prices since 5 years back which is really surprising.

How nice – to still see such affordable eating places in the CBD area.



Where else can we find Buddha Jumps Over The Wall, shark’s fin and abalone set meals at such affordable prices? Even the side dishes are incredibly cheap.


After you’ve placed your orders, the service staff would bring over hot Chinese tea and this XO sauce which is like one of the best I’ve had in Singapore. I really love XO sauce. It’s something that I can just eat on its own with a bowl of white rice. And this is probably the main reason why I never forget this place after so long.


We ordered a Spinach Beancurd (S$2.25) to share. It was as good as I remembered. The tofu was crispy on the outside, soft and wobbly on the inside. The sauce was also savoury and tasty. Again, this is another dish that would go so well with rice.


J ordered Set D (S$5.90) which was Tom Yum Fish Maw Soup.


The broth tasted like those made from instant tom yum paste but nonetheless, it was still spicy, sour and just shiok to sip. There were plenty of fish maw, couple of imitation crab sticks and mushrooms too.


I ordered Set P (S$6.95) which was top shell meat fried with XO sauce.


Loved all that crunch from the vegetables that were perfectly cooked. The top shell was tender and it didn’t have any fishy taste. Anything stir fried with their XO sauce is sure to be delicious!

All these set meals came with hot tea, clear soup, rice and hot dessert soup (‘cheng tng’).

Cheap and good. What’s not to like? I shall go check out their Lucky Plaza branch next time.

Rabbit Brand Seafood Delicacies Locations

11 Circular Road
Singapore 049367
Tel: +65 6557 0874
Opening hours:
11.00am to 10.00pm (Mon-Sat)
Closed on Sun & PH

304 Orchard Road
Lucky Plaza, #02-114
Singapore 238863
Tel: +65 6737 9722
Opening hours:
11.00am to 9.00pm (Mon-Sat)
Closed on Sun & PH

Website: http://www.rabbitbrand.com.sg/
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/rabbitbrandsg

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