Scarlett Supermarket 思家客 – Savour the Taste of China

Looking for a taste of China without leaving Singapore? Look no further than Scarlett Supermarket (思家客).

Scarlett Supermarket is a supermarket chain in Singapore that offers popular and trendy snacks and food products from China. The first store was opened on Trengganu Street in Chinatown in October 2020, and they have since expanded to 15 locations throughout Singapore.

Scarlett Supermarket is known for offering a vast selection of reasonably priced snacks in various flavours. The store features several popular Chinese brands, including Ambrosial Greek Yogurt (安慕希酸奶), Wanglaoji Herbal Tea (王老吉凉茶), Rio Cocktail (锐澳鸡尾酒), Haidilao (海底捞), Genki Forest (元气森林), Bestore (良品铺子), Haichijia (嗨吃家), Daliyuan (​达利园), Kangshifu (​康师傅), Laojiekou (老街口), and many more.

Scarlett Supermarket 思家客

If you enjoy trying new and interesting snacks and food items and consider yourself a food enthusiast, then it’s worth checking out Scarlett Supermarket. They regularly add new products to their inventory, so each visit will likely offer new and unexpected surprises.


Although there is a Scarlett Supermarket near where I live, I prefer to visit their Chinatown stores because they have three locations that are close to each other – People’s Park Complex (their flagship store), Trengganu Street, and Chinatown Point. In the event that a specific item is not available in one store, I can easily walk to the other two stores to check their inventory.

In addition to their Chinatown stores, Scarlett Supermarket can also be found at several other locations across Singapore. These include Grantral Mall Macpherson, Westgate, New Upper Changi Road (Bedok), Orchardgateway, NEX (Serangoon), Century Square (Tampines), Waterway Point (Punggol), Lot One (Choa Chu Kang), Jurong Point, Jcube, Djitsun Mall (Ang Mo Kio) and Northpoint City (Yishun).

For additional details and complete addresses of Scarlett Supermarket’s store locations, please refer to their store locator page.

If there is no Scarlett Supermarket in your vicinity, you can still purchase their products through their official online store on Shopee.

Production or Expiration Date?

Food products from China usually show the manufacturing date instead of the expiration date, but they specify the duration for which the product can be consumed safely. Therefore, take note not to confuse the production date with the expiration date!

If you’re a big fan of Chinese food products, chances are you may have already tasted some of the popular food products, such as Haichijia’s spicy & sour vermicelli, Haidilao’s self-heating hot pots, Rio’s cocktails, Genki Forest’s sodas, and more. These are some of the staple products that are regularly stocked by Scarlett Supermarket due to their high demand. However, in addition to these items, there are plenty of other snacks and food products worth trying at Scarlett Supermarket.

Below are some of our recommended products:

Scarlett Supermarket 思家客

Guo Zi Ting Yuan Dao Puff Pastry Biscuits 12pcs/box

These puff pastry biscuits are available in four flavours, namely taro, black sesame, red bean, and mung bean. I have tried all four flavours, but I found that the first two – taro and black sesame – tasted the best.

The taro pastry reminds me of tau sar piah and the Teochew-style flaky yam mooncakes that we would usually get during the Mid-Autumn Festival. The pastry is quite greasy on the outside, while the crust is flaky, crispy, and easily falls apart. The filling has a subtle taro flavor and is not overly sweet.

The black sesame ones have a very strong aroma, and the taste of black sesame seeds is prominent. The filling is like maltose, similar to that found inside of horseshoe biscuits (ma ti su), and is a bit sticky and chewy.

Scarlett Supermarket 思家客

Aji Durian Pastry 4pcs/box

The durian pastry has a subtle durian scent, and the centre has a texture that is similar to mochi, while the outer pastry crust is soft.

Scarlett Supermarket 思家客

Aji Semi Cooked Cheese Cake 6pcs/box

This cheesecake has a similar taste to the traditional egg cake, with a dense texture that is not dry. While the cheese flavour is not very strong, the overall taste is still good. I found that the cake tastes even better after being refrigerated because the cheese flavour becomes more prominent.

Aji Chocolate Mango Sandwich Cookies 7pcs/box

I really enjoyed the chocolate mango sandwich cookies. They have a very crunchy texture, and the mango flavour is light and not artificial-tasting. Also, the cookies are not very sweet.

Kaman Egg Rolls 10pks/packet

There are 10 individual packs included in each packet of these egg rolls. Each pack contains two rolls, which have a flavour that is very similar to regular wafer rolls, but they are flatter in shape.

The durian egg rolls are delicious, and as soon as I opened the packaging, I could immediately smell the durian fragrance.

Scarlett Supermarket 思家客

The salted egg yolk rolls are equally delicious. The flavour of salted egg yolk is nicely balanced, with a slightly sweet and savoury taste. These egg rolls are also available in larger tins, such as this one that weighs 308g.

Fried Flour-Coated Peanuts

I have tried various brands of fried flour-coated peanuts from Scarlett Supermarket, and this is just one of them. So far, none have disappointed me. The exterior of the peanuts is very crispy, which makes eating plain peanuts less boring by adding that extra crunch.

Guo Zi Ting Yuan Dao Mini Cake 188g

These mini cakes are available in three flavours: milk, honey, and salted egg yolk. Personally, I prefer the salted egg yolk flavour as it reminds me of the old school egg cakes. They have a salty-sweet taste, but not a strong salted egg flavour. I also like that the cakes are small enough to be consumed in one bite.

Scarlett Supermarket 思家客

Xiao Shan Lu Popcorn 500g

I have to admit that what first attracted me to this brand of popcorn was its large pack size for such an affordable price – it seemed like a great deal. Surprisingly, the taste didn’t disappoint. The popcorn comes in caramel and butter flavours, but I prefer the caramel flavour. Each kernel is coated in caramel that isn’t overly sweet like Garrett’s, but if eaten in large quantities, it can still become sickly sweet, so it’s best to share with others.

I find that this popcorn is just as good, if not better, than the sweet popcorn you get at the cinema. Sometimes the popcorn at the cinema can be stale and not fresh, but this popcorn always tastes fresh and crunchy, without any unpopped kernels. If you’re a regular movie-goer, you can definitely stock up on this and ‘smuggle’ it into the cinema to enjoy, haha.

Uncle Yu Seafood Snacks

The Uncle Yu (渔家翁) brand offers a variety of snacks that go beyond the typical chips or crisps, such as fish roe balls, crab sticks, prawn balls, and abalone mushroom & cuttlefish. Among them, the fish roe balls stand out as a delicious savoury snack. They are like flattened fishballs with a creamy filling.

Scarlett Supermarket 思家客

The abalone mushroom & cuttlefish snack is available in BBQ and spicy flavours and is made up of chopped up abalone mushroom and cuttlefish bits. The chewy texture and fragrant spicy flavour are so enjoyable.

The crab sticks are moist and juicy, and come in whole pieces. The prawn balls are equally juicy and delicious.

Nanchang Rice Noodles 200.8g

This is my favourite brand of rice noodles. Each box comes with a pack of dried rice vermicelli and seven small packets of sauces and condiments. To prepare, simply cook the noodles in boiling water, drain, and mix thoroughly with the seasonings, preserved vegetables, and peanuts. The noodles have a chewy texture, and the dish is full of flavour and crunch from the preserved vegetables and peanuts. It’s an easy and delicious meal.

Scarlett Supermarket 思家客

Xu Fu Ji Sachima 526g

This sachima has a prominent egg flavour and a soft, slightly chewy texture. It has a sweet taste with a hint of caramelisation, but it’s not excessively sweet.

Sha Er Ge Xiao Ma Hua 105g

The texture of these dough twists might be too hard for kids or older folks, but they can be quite addictive. They’re not too sweet and have a very fragrant taste. The original flavour is the best!

Scarlett Supermarket 思家客

Dao Xiang Cun Fruit Mochi

These mochi are a great substitute for the packaged mochi we bought from Tzen-Mochi in Hualien, Taiwan. All the flavours are delicious and not artificial tasting. The chewy texture of the mochi is enjoyable, and they are not too sweet overall.

Scarlett Supermarket 思家客

Yanghang Crispy Egg Rolls

These crunchy egg rolls are one of my in-laws’ favourites. They have a strong egg flavor and are infused with the fragrance of black sesame seeds. They are truly delicious and have a taste of tradition.

Scarlett Supermarket 思家客

Kaman Waffle Biscuits

I first bought these waffle biscuits for my niece and nephews and they absolutely love them! The biscuits are mini-sized and can easily be popped into the mouth. They are very crunchy and have a delicious buttery taste.


Whether you’re looking for something sweet or savoury, you’re sure to find something to satisfy your taste buds at Scarlett Supermarket. So why not stop by and see what all the fuss is about? 😉

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