Shiraz Mazzeh Gourmet Kebabs – Authentic Persian Food To Go

Previously when I headed to town for a night out and craved for a late night snack, I found myself stuck with the usual common choices of 24-hour fast food and coffee outlets which weren’t exactly what I needed so when the Persian wave started sweeping across Orchard Road with kebabs to go, I warmly embraced my new supper joint.

Shiraz Mazzeh, part of the Shiraz group of restaurants, serves up rotisserie grilled meats in kebab-style. Choose between chicken, lamb, beef or falafel (vegetarian) and enjoy your kebab on its own or complete your meal with fries and a soft drink. Shiraz offers some decent German sausages too for non-kebab lovers.


Premium Lamb Kebab

Premium Lamb Kebab $10.50

My usual has got to be its Premium Lamb Kebab with garlic yogurt. It’s not just minced or thinly sliced meat. The kebab is filled with meaty chunks of lamb that will truly satisfy any carnivorous instinct. Accompanied with intensely-packed shredded lettuce, cabbage, diced tomatoes, pickles & jalapenos, every bite delivers different textures from the soft wrap, succulent meat to the fresh, crunchy vegetables. A word of caution though – the lamb meat is a little gamey but it’s not something I couldn’t do with. It’s more like the usual smell and taste of lamb as it is so I’d think only lamb eaters would appreciate it. The garlic yogurt sauce is remarkable as it gives the filling a nice, soury rich flavour so it takes away any possible sickly feeling of grease from the grilled meat. This kebab has my two thumbs up!

Shiraz Mazzeh
For a list of locations, visit their website here

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