Smoothie House 永康街思慕昔

We spent the day walking from Longshan to Dongmen, exploring the city. Enjoyed visiting the Lungshan Temple, the Bopiliao Historical Block, the 228 Peace Memorial Park, and the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall. We decided to end the tour in Dongmen so that we could have dinner at the original Din Tai Fung restaurant on Xinyi Road. There were a lot of people ahead of us, as expected. Hence, we simply grabbed a queue number and went wandering around the neighbourhood. Someone handed us a leaflet promoting this mango shaved ice place. Yum! How could we miss it, right? So we went to Smoothie House first for a sweet treat. Yes, dessert first! 🙂

Smoothie House 永康街思慕昔

Ooh, according to CNN, the mango shaved ice from Smoothie House is one of the top 40 Taiwanese foods to try. 😉 They had also opened branches in Singapore (One Raffles Place, Westgate, and Paya Lebar Square) years ago, but they had since closed.

Smoothie House 永康街思慕昔

Smoothie House
No. 15, Yongkang St
Da’an District, Taipei City
Taiwan 106
10.00am to 11.30pm Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun
11.00am to 11.30pm Tue, Thu, Sat

+886 2 2341 8555





How to get to Smoothie House

Smoothie House is located at the crossroads of Yongkang Street and Yongkang Street Lane 13. It is only a 2-minute walk away from Din Tai Fung.

If you’re taking public transportation, you can get to Dongmen Station (R07/O06) via the MRT (either red or orange line). Exit at Exit 5, walk straight, and then turn right onto Yongkang Street. Continue down the road until you see Smoothie House on the left with its yellow shopfront.

Smoothie House’s Menu

Smoothie House, as the name implies, serves smoothies in flavours such as mango, strawberry, caramel coffee, litchi, and matcha & red beans. However, based on what we saw, most, if not all, of the customers had ordered their snowflake ice desserts, which appeared to be the best-selling items.

On their Facebook page, you can see the flavours of their snowflake ice desserts.

Smoothie House 永康街思慕昔

Super Sherbet Mango Snowflake Ice NT$250

We ordered a Super Sherbet Mango Snowflake Ice (超級雪酪芒果雪花冰) that came with a side of smooth, silky and wobbly caramel pudding. The portion was large enough for two people to share.

I loved the delicate layers of shaved ice infused with mango aroma. Those large mango chunks were so sweet and juicy. And the addition of pureed mango, condensed milk, and mango ice cream just added depth and richness.

Overall, this dessert was not overly sweet. In fact, it was pleasantly sweetened, with a natural mango flavour that really stood out. Mango heaven! It was also very refreshing. We didn’t feel sick of it even after we finished it all.

We could easily order another flavour to share if we weren’t going to eat at Din Tai Fung later, haha.

Mango fans, don’t miss out on this shaved ice dessert! 🙂

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