[Closed] Spanish Doughnuts @ Orchard Central, Singapore

[Updated Dec 2014: Spanish Doughnuts is now closed.]

Churros, my greatest love and they always have been since I had my first bite of it while in the US many many years ago. I don’t remember having (or even seeing) any churros when I was in Barcelona with K (which is kinda weird when it’s supposed to be ‘Spanish’) but I did try churros while travelling in Australia, France and Switzerland but those churros obviously didn’t leave a deep impression in me as I already have a high benchmark.

Back home in Singapore where more and more restaurants are now serving up these deep-fried dough or crullers on their dessert menus, I haven’t had much luck in finding back that unforgettable taste too. But things change when I stumbled upon Churros Garcia at the Real Food Market @ London, Southbank (behind the Royal Festival Hall). It was a churro worth travelling all the way from Essex to London for whenever the husband and I are back home in England and it is also what I call THE BEST CHURROS IN THE WORLD in my opinion, lol. Not kidding :p If you’re in London and you love churros as much as me, please give this stall a try!

Churros Garcia

Look out for this cheery & festive looking red stall. Anyway, you’d probably already get a whiff of freshly fried churros even before spotting it!

Churros Garcia

Their churros are freshly fried on the spot upon order and then sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon powder before putting into a cup.

Churro Garcia

And served with a cup of Valor dark chocolate which is like the best chocolate sauce I’ve ever had that goes so well with churros!

Maybe the weather has a part to play. It is just so comforting to be sitting down, relaxing in a chilly climate, munching on hot and crispy churros with a good balance of sugar and cinnamon dust and dipping them in a pool of rich (not overly sweet), thick chocolate sauce. This brings me back to the days of being a child where nothing else matters except this delectable treat right before my eyes. It’s so good, I’m just reluctant to share.

When I heard about the new Spanish Doughnuts that opened in Orchard Central a few months back (which is also their first franchise outlet in South East Asia), I was excited to try it out as they are known to be Australia’s first producer of churros.

Spanish Doughnuts @ Orchard Central, Singapore

Located on the 5th level, Spanish Doughnuts is run like a cafe with a variety of hot and cold drinks and churros in all ways.

Spanish Doughnuts @ Orchard Central, Singapore

Just place your order at the counter, get a table and wait for your number (on your receipt) to be called so you can collect your churros from the counter as every batch of churros is freshly made to order. That’s the way!

Spanish Doughnuts @ Orchard Central, Singapore Spanish Doughnuts @ Orchard Central, Singapore

Besides the traditional churros, they have premium ones that are coated with chocolate and various toppings and also hot fillers with different fillings.

Spanish Doughnuts @ Orchard Central, Singapore

Choco Churrito’s $9.90

We settled for the Choco Churrito’s that came in a generous portion of mini size churros in a cone and served with 3 different dips of white chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate. The churros were dusted with icing sugar (could be done more evenly as some had none) and were hot and crispy (not greasy) on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside. Almost close to the best ones I had but I wished these were fried a little longer (or perhaps the temperature of the oil could be raised up a little) to achieve that slightly brown ‘burnt’ taste on the crust. It was like having a decent char kway teow without the ‘wok hei’.

The churros tasted good on their own so the dips weren’t exactly essential. While I liked the dark chocolate the most as usual, I thought all 3 dips were too saccharine sweet and a little too liquified. If you have a sweet tooth, then it’s probably not an issue.

Will I be back? Yes but I’d just grab a plain churro to go whenever I have my craving. Worth a try especially if you haven’t had churros before.

Spanish Doughnuts
181 Orchard Road
#05-51/52 Orchard Central
Facebook page
Opening hours: 11.00am to 10.00pm daily


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    Wow, Geri. Those Choco Churritos are calling out my name. I have just melted looking at the pictures of the chocolate dips next to these. Drooling…….. 🙂

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