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Sunday is best spent with a good brunch coupled with a laid-back and tranquil setting. Given Singapore is such a concrete jungle, it is rather rare to find a place that fits the bill. I first heard of Spruce from a colleague and decided to head over for a lazy weekend brunch with my good friend.
Waiting area
A restaurant in the midst of greenery
Spruce is located at Phoenix Park, Tanglin Road where Ministry of Home Affairs and the Police Headquarters used to be. It makes me feel like I was somewhere else (out of Singapore) when I was in the restaurant. The area is serene and you can even hear the sounds of crickets in the quiet peace. Very relaxing and makes you feel close to nature. That’s what makes dining here so special.
Spruce Eggs Benny $15
Corn Waffle, Back Bacon and Hollandaise Sauce. A perfect match in heaven. This would have to be my favourite dish for all that I have tried. The eggs are perfectly poached with the yolk still runny. The bacon is nicely pan fried and you can still chew the meat texture (unlike some places that serve overly fried and crispy bacon) – exactly how I like my bacon to be. The waffle is very fluffy and light and is even tasty on its own. Of course, the Hollandaise Sauce is also creamy and rich and goes perfectly well with the egg. Best way to eat this dish would be to combine all ingredients in one spoonful and chow that down. Yummy.
The Spruce Big Brekkie $18
A huge portion of scrambled eggs, bacon, German sausage, roasted tomato, roasted potato, mushrooms and Foccacia Toast. I’m a die hard fan of Foccacia bread so I’m extremely happy to see this being served on this big plate. The scrambled egg is a little too dry unfortunately but the sausage, bacon and mushrooms are delicious. For the eggs, you can choose scrambled, poached or sunny side up – I do appreciate these options given so you can mix and match your breakfast.
The Spruce British Brekkie $18
Again, another huge portion of 2 sunny side ups, bacon, Cumberland Sausage, baked beans, roasted tomato, mushrooms and Foccacia Toast. It is pretty similar to the Big Brekkie except that the sausage is different. I like the German one better than this though because it is crunchier and juicier.
Spruce Mac and Cheese $9
Probably the best Mac and Cheese I’ve ever had. The cheese sauce is extremely wet and creamy (more like beige colour than yellow) and is very different from the usual mac and cheese that is served in sticky golden yellow cheese sauce. This is like a casserole dish where breadcrumbs are sprinkled on top and then baked in oven. I like the crispy bits on top. Thumbs up!
Brioche French Toast $14

Another winning dish served with mascarpone cheese and peach jam. The toast is thick, fluffy and moist on the inside. The combination of the mascarpone and jam is delicious. Perfect ending to the entire meal.

Spent just under $120 for 3 persons including beverages – we had tea, latte and fresh grapefruit juice. I love how big the portions are so when these dishes are served, our whole table is filled with a variety of lip smacking breakfast foods. Very happy brunch indeed.

Note: Advanced reservations are recommended. This place can be packed!

Spruce Restaurant | Bar | Bakery
320 Tanglin Road
Phoenix Park
Tel: 6836 5528
Opens: 10.30am to 10.30pm Mon to Fri
8.30am to 4.00pm and 4.00pm to 10.30pm Sat to Sun

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