Sumo Salad via honestbee food delivery

Salad lovers should be quite familiar with Sumo Salad, an Australian salad bar that has been around in Singapore for a long while. I had passed by their former outlet at Raffles City (no longer in operation now) countless times previously but I was never tempted to order a salad to go. Probably because I was always there at the end of the day and the ‘leftover’ pre-made salads just didn’t look that fresh and appealing to me. ?

When I tried out the new honestbee food delivery service a few months back, my first order was surprisingly a salad bowl from Sumo Salad when I spotted some interesting flavours on their menu. And I really wanted to try them because at that point in time, I was very inspired to create healthy lunch/dinner bowls at home. But before I started on my experimental cooking, I just wanted to get a feel on what options and combinations were possible.

Sumo Salad via honestbee food delivery

Got the Satay Beef Sumo Bowl (bottom) and Lamb & Haloumi Salad Bowl (top). It cost around $12+ each.

Sumo Salad Satay Beef Sumo Bowl

The Satay Beef Sumo Bowl (bottom) consisted of assorted vegetables, brown rice, quinoa and a generous amount of beef strips. Tossed with an aromatic and nutty satay sauce that really married all the different elements of the bowl. It might not look like a huge bowl but because of the low-GI properties of brown rice and quinoa, it was definitely a very satisfying, substantial and nutritious bowl of real food.

Sumo Salad Lamb & Haloumi Salad Bowl

The Lamb & Haloumi Salad Bowl would be perfect for the low-carb eaters as it was mainly made up of vegetables, sliced lamb, avocado and grilled haloumi. I just loved that saltiness and sharpness of the haloumi cheese which really stood out. And that roasted garlic dressing was also very flavourful.

I suppose these salads were still pre-made before they were packed for delivery. Considering it was already in the late afternoon when the order was made, I would say these salads were still fresh-tasting. Well, they definitely tasted better than they looked, haha.

Pity, there is only one Sumo Salad outlet left at Holland Village MRT Station as the others have ceased operation. But if I’m in the Holland V vicinity next time, I’ll definitely go check out the physical shop itself. Perhaps have one of these salads on the spot too just to see if the salad quality is any consistent. ?

Sumo Salad
Sumo Salad
200 Holland Ave
#B1-11, Holland Village MRT Station
Singapore 278995
9.00am to 9.00pm daily

+65 9088 4580

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