Sunny Korean Cuisine @ West Coast Plaza

Whenever I come to this part of Singapore, it’s always to visit the Nike Factory Store (Level 1, West Coast Plaza) to grab new trainers or sports apparel. I was here on a Saturday afternoon but it was clearly not that crowded. Not even in the mall itself so it’s pretty good to just walk around without the hustle and bustle.

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I spotted this casual looking Korean eatery and thought of giving it a try since Korean cuisine is one of my favourite foods. Those blue coloured wooden fences in front of the restaurant weren’t permanent fixtures. There was some bubble show happening in the atrium so the middle area was cordoned off.

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Not a fantastically huge menu but good enough with the usual classics.

Kimchi Ramen with Beef/Chicken/Pork $5.00

Kimchi Ramen with Beef/Chicken/Pork $5.00

I ordered the kimchi ramen with pork as I wanted something soupy. This was spicy and flavoursome but not overly salty. The pieces of pork tenderloin were really soft and tender and required little chewing to break apart. What I liked about this dish was the noodles. Chinese style fresh la mian that was cooked till al dente with a nice firm bite to it. There was also an egg sitting in the bottom that was still runny in the middle.

Bibimbap $5.50

Bibimbap $5.50

The husband had the bibimbap that came with a bowl of miso soup and small appetiser plate of kimchi and anchovies. The sunny side up was cooked perfectly with a runny yolk so mixing everything up in the bowl was a wonderful mess to feast on. The chicken were tender but could do with a bit more gochujang. If the portion of rice and side dishes were a little more generous, this would be more satisfying for the big guy.

Service wise, it was disappointing. When our number was called and we headed towards the counter to collect our food, the tray with my kimchi noodles had someone else’s food too so I wasn’t even sure if that noodles was mine. The lady at the counter didn’t take initiative to assist and I had to get the attention of another staff to clear the confusion at the collection point. Also, nobody cared to put the cutlery stand on our table so we had to grab our spoons and chopsticks from another table. Thumbs down.

Will I be back? For its affordable prices and decent food, I probably will. But bad service just puts me off.

Sunny Korean Cuisine
#B1-08, West Coast Plaza
154 West Coast Road

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