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Beef Rolls with Enoki Mushroom in Teriyaki Sauce

Whenever my husband and I dine at Irodori Japanese Restaurant @ Riverview Hotel, we will never miss out ordering a few servings of their beef rolls with enoki mushrooms. There is just something special about this simple yet clever combination that makes it so delicious – both in the taste and texture departments. I just have […]

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Bun Bo Nam Bo Recipe – Vietnamese beef noodle salad

It’s all about Vietnamese food so I will be sharing three Vietnamese recipes this week. If you’ve missed my Xoi Xeo Recipe (sticky rice with mung beans and fried shallots) earlier, click on the link to check it out. Today, I’m sharing how to make another ONE OF THE BEST things I’ve eaten in Hanoi […]

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Fried Beef Kway Teow Recipe

I had a pretty decent Fried Beef Kway Teow at Maggie Thai & Chinese @ Liang Seah Street. It was moist with a lot of wok hei flavour just like our regular Char Kway Teow but somehow I felt it could be more balanced with a little less sweetness to it. I adjusted the amount […]

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Braised Beef Kway Teow Recipe

There’s something magical about braised beef or beef stew – think fork-tender meat in a robust & rich gravy-like sauce served over noodles or rice that soaks up every single drop of that essence. The thought of it just makes me salivate. It’s one of those classic dishes that falls into the category of comfort […]

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Stir Fried Beef and Broccoli Recipe

I don’t really cook a lot of beef at home. I’ve never even tried grilling beef steak for dinner to date (though the husband has been asking for it for a long time) so it gives us a good excuse to go to a steakhouse for a good steak whenever we crave for it, lol. When […]

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Stuffed Bell Peppers Recipe

After I had tried making stuffed portobello mushrooms earlier this week, I’m now attempting to make stuffed bell peppers. Lunches are really getting interesting for me these days. It is just amazing how many vegetables out there we can make use of to create happy comfort food out of them. One walk down the vegetables […]

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Beef rendang

Beef Rendang Recipe

I saw some really nice beef chuck steaks in the supermarket and decided to make beef rendang for dinner since the husband has been requesting for it for the longest time. And as usual, I’d try to substitute coconut milk with a healthier alternative of low fat evaporated milk. Of course, if you want the […]

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