Hup Seng Duck Rice 合成鸭饭 @ Sin Ming Road

People who work around Sin Ming area would probably know this really popular braised duck rice stall. I was introduced to this stall years ago by a colleague and had been here numerous times for lunch. Every time, I would see a long queue of customers at lunch time. But this braised duck rice stall is one that’s worth […]

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Fatty Cheong Roast Meats 肥仔祥烧腊云吞面 @ ABC Brickworks Food Centre

If you ask me where we can find the best char siew in Singapore, I think it definitely has got to be Fatty Cheong which is famous for its Bu Jian Tian (不见天 – means ‘never see the sky’) char siew that is a cut from the pig’s armpit area. Besides that, it also serves […]

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Hock Lam Beef @ Alexandra Retail Centre

I was first introduced to Hock Lam Beef @ Far East Square by a colleague some years back when I was working at Raffles Place area then. Their beef noodles was one of the better ones in Singapore that I’d tried so when the husband told me he wanted to have beef noodles, this place […]

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Weng Kee Original Taste Ipoh Hor Fun 荣记正宗原味怡保河粉 @ Changi Village Market & Food Centre

While the husband and I were in the long queue for Mizzy Corner’s nasi lemak, a lady also in the queue recommended us to try Weng Kee’s Ipoh Hor Fun. The husband’s eyes lighted up for a brief moment as he had been a big fan of it since I brought him to try his first […]

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Jian Bo Shui Kueh 楗柏水粿 @ Tiong Bahru Market – The Best Chwee Kueh in Singapore

Chwee kueh (steamed rice cake) had never been a big thing for me during my growing up years because I wasn’t a fan of chye poh (preserved radish) which was always heavily soaked in oil. And it was only when the husband decided to settle down in Singapore a few years back and I brought him to various […]

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Tan Hock Seng Cake Shop

Tan Hock Seng Cake Shop 陈福成饼家 @ Far East Square – Best Beh Teh Sor 馬蹄酥 in Singapore!

A friend recommended me this confectionery for its signature ‘Horse Hoof Pastry’ aka Beh Teh Sor or 馬蹄酥 a couple of years ago when we headed to Pagi Sore Indonesian Restaurant (just next door to this shop) for dinner. Tan Hock Seng specialises in traditional Hokkien pastries which I think are seriously at risk of […]

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