Hup Seng Duck Rice 合成鸭饭 @ Sin Ming Road

People who work around Sin Ming area would probably know this really popular braised duck rice stall. I was introduced to this stall years ago by a colleague and had been here numerous times for lunch. Every time, I would see a long queue of customers at lunch time. But this braised duck rice stall is one that’s worth queuing up for. Very authentic Teochew style braised duck. And their kiam chye ark is really mind-blowing if you like pepper based soup.

Hup Seng Duck Rice

I brought the husband here to try what I call one of the best braised ducks in Singapore. This is definitely on par with Ah Seng Braised Duck Rice @ Serangoon Market & Food Centre if not better.

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And here was what we ordered. This entire meal of braised duck, braised pork and ‘kosong’ (no meat) salted vegetables duck soup cost $15.50 for the two of us.

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The braised duck was moist and tender and there wasn’t a lot of fats underneath the thin skin. In fact, I thought the duck was pretty lean as compared to many other braised ducks elsewhere. It didn’t take a lot of effort to separate the meat from the bones too. Also, there wasn’t any gamey smell at all.

Similarly, the lor bak (braised pork) was really soft and tender with a good ratio of fat and lean layers. I liked that the lor bak had skin that was a little chewy and springy. Really enjoyed that bite and texture.

The braising sauce was salty but tasted very full-bodied. Even the steamed rice came doused with the tasty braising sauce. So savoury and yum. I thought my maternal grandmother made the best braising sauce but I couldn’t deny, this was much better than hers. Sorry Grandma!

The chilli sauce was worth a mention as it was tangy, sweet and sour but it really lifted the flavours of the braised meats. The combination was impeccable, just made me feel like having more.

My only gripe – why are they so stingy with the cucumber slices?! Cucumbers are so bloody cheap! Lol.

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Besides the outstanding braised meats, this kiam chye ark (salted vegetables duck soup) is a must order! The soup was very peppery and flavoursome as the mustard greens and duck meat had been boiled for a long time. The mustard greens were tender but not mushy and they weren’t salty at all even when I ate them on their own because their original saltiness had all gone into the soup. This soup had the ability to warm one’s tummy and it just made us feel good especially when we came here with an empty stomach as this was extremely comforting.

Hup Seng Duck Rice has my two thumbs up for sure! A very satisfying meal that just hit the right spot. If you like braised duck rice, do not miss this out!

Hup Seng Duck Rice
Blk 22 Sin Ming Road
Tel: 6454 3810
Opening hours:
9.00am to 2.30pm (Mon-Fri except Thu)
9.00am to 1.30pm (Sat, Sun)
Closed on Thursdays

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