Crispy Salmon Fillet on Mashed Peas Recipe

I don’t like peas but I love mashed peas. It just reminds me of a friend who dislikes potatoes but loves french fries, lol. Well I don’t exactly hate peas as I can still eat them but I’d rather not if I have a choice. I’m not sure how on earth I’d have bought a […]

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Salmon & Fischeon Fried Rice Recipe

I had reviewed DoDo’s new fish luncheon product a couple of days ago (click here to read) so this is the other recipe that I came up with by using up the remaining fischeon I had. This fried rice was definitely much better than the pasta in my opinion as the fischeon here played second […]

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Steamed Salmon with Ginger and Spring Onions Recipe

The last time when I injured my foot, my Chinese doctor recommended me to eat more steamed salmon (instead of raw or fried ones) to help with the inflammation and to improve bone density and strength so I prepared this easy steamed salmon dish 2-3 days per week for dinner till my foot condition was […]

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