Healthy Clam Chowder Recipe (with no cream)

If you’ve been following my blog and/or checking out my past recipes, you’ll realise that I use skimmed milk and Greek yogurt a lot in my cooking and baking. I choose to use such healthier alternatives because they are either low in saturated fat or contain no added sugar (or reduced amount) which is one […]

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Coconut Chicken Soup Recipe

I’ve seen desserts made from coconut juice but it has never crossed my mind that the juice can also be used in chinese soups until the husband bought two young coconuts back from the supermarket and I thought I would experiment with one since I was going to cook lotus root soup the next day […]

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Daikon, Mushroom & Chicken Soup Recipe

Besides the usual lotus root pork rib soup, the husband would often order this chicken mushroom soup from one of our favourite soup places at Ang Mo Kio Central. Hence when I decided to cook up a chicken daikon soup the other day, I thought of adding some dried chinese mushrooms into it to give […]

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