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Pan-Fried Chicken with Honey Chilli Sauce Recipe

This Pan-Fried Chicken with Honey Chilli Sauce Recipe is a quick and easy chicken pasta meal to make. Perfect if you’re cooking for two or just for yourself. The Honey Chilli sauce not only flavours and moistens the chicken breast but it also acts as a dressing for the spaghetti. Overall, the dish is quite […]

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Honey Baked Salmon Recipe (with Pineapple Salsa)

Bought a huge pineapple to make Pineapple Chicken earlier but wasn’t able to use all up so I made a pineapple salsa with the leftovers as a side dish to go with my baked salmon lunch. Flavours worked perfectly in this dish. While the honey baked salmon tasted more on the sweet side, the tangy […]

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Oven-Roasted Honey Chilli Chicken Recipe

This Honey Chilli Chicken Recipe is really easy to make. Only three ingredients are required to marinate the chicken and once that is done, all we have to do is to pop the chicken into the oven. I love the glaze on the chicken that is sweet and a tiny bit spicy. I also love […]

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