Product Review: The Body Shop Tea Tree Face Mask

I have eczema-prone sensitive skin since my late teen years and hence I’m always careful in choosing the right skincare products for my skin type. Even though I’m in my 30s now, I’m still getting the frequent bouts of pimple eruption that easily cause scarring on my face.

Some years back, I started using some tea tree products which I bought from The Boots Company in UK and I was just amazed at how effective those products were to reduce redness on my skin as well as lighten blemish scars.

Today, I still religiously use my tea tree products. Good news is, I’ve not experienced any form of allergy at all and even when I have pimples popping out, they actually dry out and disappear in less than a week without leaving any unsightly marks. Tea tree is an ingredient renowned for its anti-bacterial properties hence promote faster healing. No wonder so many women simply swear by it.


I would just like to give a special mention of The Body Shop Tea Tree Face Mask which I have started using recently.

The texture of the mask resembles thick green-coloured mud with a very subtle smell. I have tried other similar masks before and they have this weird ‘plasticky’ smell that I really hate so this smell is definitely acceptable.

I use a brush to apply the mask all over my face so I can spread evenly and minimise wastage. You don’t have to apply a thick layer, just enough so your face looks green like Jim Carrey in the Mask – NOT! Anyway, that’s right, just a thin layer will do.

The mask doesn’t dry out completely. Just leave on for about 15 minutes and wash off with some warm water. It’s quite difficult to remove the mask with just bare hands because it is really thick & creamy and kind of adheres to your skin so it’s helpful to use a soft face sponge and gently wipe away the mask as you wash your face to remove all traces.

Remember to tone your face after washing.

The end result? Less visible pores on my cheeks. Skin feels cool and refreshed. Use the mask at least twice a week and you’ll notice how much your blemishes are diminishing in no time.

Each 100ml container retails at S$30.90 at all Body Shop outlets in Singapore. A worthy investment for clear skin indeed.

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