The legendary Samurai Burger is back at McDonald’s!

Since my previous post on McDonald’s Rendang Beef Burger which I wasn’t too impressed with 2 months ago, I have been wishing for the Samurai Burger to return and now my wait is finally over. Watch the TV commercial here:

A boring commercial this time. I’d still prefer a jolly jingle like the one in the earlier McAloo Tikki commercial so I tried using the same tune to compose a jingle for the Samurai Burger too. Just for fun.

Hey-ahh Samu Samu Samurai
Hey-ahh Samu Samu Samurai
From Nippon, it’s very very good
The Samurai Burger with lots of meat
Delicious sweet sauce and beef patties
Between golden toasted buns
The Samurai Burger is back
At Mc McDonald’s

2013-09-14 14.11.33Double Samurai Beef Burger Set with Seaweed Shaker Fries & Coke (S$8.60)

2013-09-14 14.12.31

Unwrapping the burger in my hands is a joy because it feels warm (almost hot) as the teriyaki sauce overflows the beef patties. In fact, the buns are moist as they get soaked in a tremendous amount of sauce which is quite a messy sight but a delightful one.

The two slabs of quarter pounders are thick, meaty & juicy, firm yet tender and give a good textural bite. This is what I call dude food! Certainly not for the small appetite.

The teriyaki sauce is more on the sweet side as compared to other teriyaki sauces served in Japanese restaurants. The perfect balance of sweet and savoury between the teriyaki sauce and special mayonnaise doesn’t make you feel sickly of it even though it looks over the top. In fact, the sauce is what makes the burger taste good. Excellent sauce concoction indeed.

The seaweed shaker fries is worth a mention too. If you like the taste of seaweed, you’ll enjoy the taste of the ocean on your potatoes which is a little salty and fishy. I don’t know how else I can describe the taste of the seaweed powder, you just have to try it yourself.

Still as good as I remembered when I had it last year. I’m definitely going for a second before the Samurai goes home. I’m loving it!

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