What to buy from Daiso – Shampoo Brush

I’m a big fan of Daiso where every item is priced at S$2.00 each and I actually shop at Daiso every weekend just to hunt out interesting finds and handy tools for the home & kitchen. My husband doesn’t think the same way. Whenever I head to Daiso, he’d pull a long face and nag at me, “same things again, nothing new…BORINGGGGGG….” haha but I still like it! ;p

While not everything is of superior quality due to mass production and cheap prices, you’d be surprised how useful some things can be. And my latest find?

IMG_0006Shampoo Brush

You’d probably think it’s a waste of money getting this thing when you could have scratched your scalp with your fingers when washing your hair.

The thing that I like about this product is not only it cleans my scalp without being abrasive as sometimes you can scratch too hard with long and/or uneven fingernails, it massages the scalp too as you move the brush in small circular motion so it makes washing your hair feel more therapeutic. Also, if you’ve been to the nail salon for manicure, you wouldn’t want to spoil your nails so this shampoo brush comes in handy.

Sometimes my scalp does itch probably because I don’t rinse enough after shampooing and when I start scratching my scalp too hard, I end up getting scabs. Now I don’t have this problem anymore because the shampoo brush can double up as a rinsing brush too. You can use the brush to remove any traces of grime or shampoo suds left on the scalp and also remove any tangles as the bristles are widely spaced.

The brush is made entirely of plastic. The handle (white part) is movable. You lift up the handle when washing your hair and press down the handle to remove any hair strands off the brush easily. It’s easy to wash, easy to dry and easy to store. If you’ve long unruly hair like me, this really isn’t a bad buy after all =)

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