Where to get cheap & good roast duck in Singapore? Yan Chuan Roaster @ Ubi Ave 2

Yan Chuan Roaster (S)

I have known Ubi as an industrial estate for the longest time ever but when I got wind that it is also a roaster heaven with a good number of roast meat factories and suppliers around, I decided to venture into this godforsaken place and embark on my hunt for cheap and good roast duck in Singapore. I used to think that Ubi is a very ‘ulu’ (out of the way) area but with the Circle Line, it is not so anymore. Along Ubi Ave 2, I did spot several stalls (including coffee shops) that are selling roast ducks at incredible prices $15 & up but it was Yan Chuan that attracted me because of the long queue of customers. It must be quite good to be able to draw people all the way here.

The nearest MRT Station is MacPherson. Check out the map (extracted from Streetdirectory.com) below for directions. From Exit A, just cross the road and head straight till you get to Blk 3020 (about 5 minutes walk).

Ubi Ave 2 Map

Yan Chuan Price List

Price List

Besides roast pig, duck, chicken, roast pork and char siew, Yan Chuan also offers pork ribs, sausages, pipa duck and bak kwa.

Yan Chuan Roast Duck

Whole Roast Duck $16

Honestly speaking, where else can we get a whole roast duck at just $16? Plus it’s a big bird too. You can buy the duck as a whole or request the guys to chop it up into pieces for immediate consumption. At this price, you’d probably think that the standard or quality of this duck is probably mediocre just like those you can get from wet market stalls from which people buy ducks as offerings to gods or ancestors. I think otherwise. Apparently, this factory supplies roast meats to many food stalls out there. In fact, this roast duck tasted quite similar to this very popular roast duck rice stall in my neighbourhood food centre.

I just love how perfectly roasted the duck is – hardly any burnt parts yet the skin is decadently smoky and crispy. The spices and seasonings that go into the cavity of the duck are nicely balanced so the meat is flavourful on its own with a slight aroma of 5-spice powder. Some roast ducks which I have tried before are really fatty with thick layers of greasy fats underneath the skin. To my surprise, this duck has rendered most of its fats during slow roasting and doesn’t have much visible fats (but is still greasy to the touch) so I could feast on the skin with a little less guilt. Despite the duck being slightly leaner than most, the meat (especially the breast area) isn’t dry at all which is another plus point.

Chilli sauce and duck sauce will be provided with each order but as the duck is moist and tasty on its own, these condiments are not really necessary though the chilli is quite a spicy concoction with kick.

If you happen to be in this part of Singapore, do not miss out on this incredible deal if you’re into roast meats like me.

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