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Working Title 1

I came across Working Title a long while back but it was only recently when I was shopping around for fabrics at Arab Street that I decided to stop by for a quick brunch. The cafe is located at Shophouse The Social Hostel so it isn’t unusual to see a bunch of backpackers there with maps on hand as they discuss about their plans for the day ahead. Free wifi is also available here.

Working Title 4

The interior of the cafe is of a modern retro style with an eclectic mix of mismatched furniture and accessories artfully put together and it worked out tastefully. The only thing that didn’t work for me was the warm lighting because I didn’t like my food photos to turn out orange-hued. And it kinda made the area warmer too though it was air-conditioned.

Working Title 5

After I placed my order here, I spotted an entrance on the left that led towards the yard area at the back.

Working Title 7

I was glad that there were more seating here. And best of all, there was natural lighting too.

Working Title  8Next to the toilet stood a shelf with a small collection of books, magazines and games that customers could help themselves to.

Working Title 9

And here was my sumptuous looking brunch.

Working Title 10

The Iced Bandung Latte ($5.50) was just like a normal bandung drink but with foam on top. It wasn’t overly sweet but it wasn’t anything special either.

Working Title 11

The Sausage & Fries Fest ($13.90) was beautifully served in a non-stick baking tray which in actual fact had really unsightly scratches on the bottom (concealed by the food). If my folks saw this, I’m very sure they would cry out loud that this was going to be cancerous, blah blah blah. For me, I didn’t really care. But if you’re anal about such details, then think twice before ordering.

The two snail sausages were juicy and delicious with a uplifting hint of rosemary. The curly fries seemed to be out of a packet and were fried to a good crisp. Tasted good but they oozed oil when I bit into them so they were really greasy. The salad had a clear dressing which I couldn’t quite make out what it was as it didn’t have much flavour. Probably it was just a very light olive oil.

Overall, I wouldn’t think of Working Title as an ideal-for-cafe-hopping kind of venue. The atmosphere was really like a backpackers’ hostel cafe and would also be good for anyone to come in to rest their feet and have a drink. It just wasn’t cosy and welcoming enough for me to want to stay longer. Food was decent but prices were on the higher side compared to other cafes in the area.

Working Title
48 Arab Street
Singapore 199745
Tel: 6298 8721
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/workingtitlesg
Opening hours:
10.00am to 10.00pm (Sun-Thu)
10.00am to 12.00am (Fri-Sat)

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