Wow Wow West Western Food @ ABC Brickworks Market & Food Centre – Awesome Chicken Chop

Wow Wow West at ABC Market

I was on my way to Ikea Alexandra to hunt for a shoe rack when I decided to stop by ABC market for brunch. I’d heard about Wow Wow West a long while back but hadn’t been back to try it yet and I was quite surprised to see the stall open that early. Having Western food at 10-ish in the morning wasn’t exactly the norm for me but seeing quite a number of patrons tucking into plates of tantalising chicken chops, I was tempted and obviously, I relented. Lol.

Besides the usual Western food fare like Chicken Chop ($6), Fish & Chips ($6), Chicken Cutlet ($6), Pork Chop ($6) and Beef Steak ($7), there were also 2 types of plump and juicy looking sausages – Chicken Cheese ($2) and Pork Cheese ($3).

Wow Wow West Chicken Chop $6

Since I was dining alone, I decided to settle for the Chicken Chop that everyone else was having. It didn’t take long for my food to come as the stall wasn’t as busy compared to the last time I came by the food centre when there was a really long queue. Looking at this plate, I was indeed salivating. The chicken chop had a lovely hue of golden brown on the crispy-looking skin and the portion was huge as well (almost double the size of the grilled chicken from Astons Express). I wasn’t wrong. The chicken skin was indeed crispy and much of the fats beneath the skin had been rendered off. Anyway I didn’t care, I ate the whole thing, meat and skin. It was top-notch – juicy and tender with a hint of black pepper.

I wasn’t expecting the other humble-looking sides to be mind-blowing but I was surprised that everything on this plate was just delicious. Baked beans from a can wouldn’t go wrong of course. The fries were fried to perfection, crispy and not soggy. The snow-white coleslaw was crunchy and the dressing was nicely balanced too. Basically, you just need to fork up a chunk of the chicken with a bit of skin, 1 piece of the fries and try to scoop some baked beans and coleslaw over before you devour the mouthful. This is the best way to enjoy the contrasting textures and flavours that marry.

I also liked that their chilli sauce was served in a squeeze bottle so I could just help myself to it. Save me the hassle of tearing open those packet ones!

Wow Wow West supports the Yellow Ribbon Project by hiring ex-offenders and helping them reintegrate into society. A very meaningful cause indeed.

Value for money. Generous servings. Absolutely scrumptious food. Wow Wow West is by far my favourite Western food stall in a hawker centre. I’m coming back with the husband real soon!

Wow Wow West
ABC Brickworks Food Centre #01-133
6 Jalan Bukit Merah
Tel: 9380 8571
Oepning hours:
10.30am to 9.00pm (Mon-Sat)
Closed on Sun

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