Pig Trotters Jelly & Shark Meat @ Xing Fu Chao Zhou Xiao Shi 幸福潮州小食


Besides Lao Liang @ Jalan Berseh Food Centre, this is probably the 2nd place I know that sells pig trotters jelly and poached shark meat. It is such a rare find in Singapore and I really wonder if such a traditional culinary art will actually survive in the years to come. Though I’ve grown up in a Teochew family (my late Great-Grandma was from Swatow and she made the world’s best png kueh), no one had ever attempted to make these dishes. When I came across this stall at Whampoa Makan Place, I just had to check out the Teochew delicacies it had to offer. Getting in touch and back to my roots so I wouldn’t regret for not having tried true-blue Teochew cuisine.

幸福潮州小食 Poached Shark Meat

The Poached Shark Meat ($7) that was served cold came in bite-sized pieces of meat with skin and fin with boney cartilage. The shark meat was fresh with no fishy smell and had a slightly natural sweetness in them. They weren’t seasoned in any way so I had to dip them in the two chilli sauces that were given. One was extremely sweet and the other was tangy sweet like the chilli sauce from oyster omelette stalls. I preferred the latter that lifted the flavour of the shark meat so it didn’t taste too bland. The stall also sells Shark Meat Jelly which is pretty unusual.

幸福潮州小食 Pig Trotters Jelly

The Pig Trotters Jelly ($5.50) was also served cold. Very unique. It was like having a braised pig trotter in an agar-agar form. The jelly-like exterior tasted like a light braising sauce and I enjoyed the textures of the chopped up pig trotter – meat, fats, skin and all. I actually liked this better than the shark meat as this was more flavoursome.

Overall, it was an interesting experience to have tried these two dishes. I wouldn’t say I was wowed over by them because I’d very much prefer a hot Chinese dish to a cold one as a meal but they made a good snack or light bite nonetheless. If you’re seeking out something new to try, can definitely consider this 🙂

90 Whampoa Drive
#01-04 Whampoa Makan Place
Singapore 320090


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