Xing Long Teochew Porridge 興隆潮州糜 @ Blk 632 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 4

Like many fellow Teochews, I’ve always liked orh nee (yam paste), braised duck, steamed pomfret, cold crabs as well as hot piping porridge that I never seem to get sick of because there are just so many different choices of ingredients that I can choose from every time I’m at a stall like this. This particular Teochew porridge stall that’s located in a coffee shop is one of my family’s favourites. My folks are discerning diners with really fussy tastebuds so when they give this a thumbs up, they mean business, lol.

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Even though this stall is supposed to open 24/7, there were a few nights when I passed by in the middle of the night but I saw it was closed.

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At peak hours, it can get really crowded and sometimes there can be a long queue but service is usually swift so it’s not a major problem at all.

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Look at the amount of dishes they have. It’s like a buffet! And these are not all. There are more dishes that are not displayed out here like the braised duck, braised pig offals, preserved vegetables etc which you can request for.

Basically, just tell the server how many persons are dining and just point to whatever dishes you want. You can choose between porridge or rice. The total price will be calculated at the cashier depending on what you order. For a coffee shop meal, this isn’t quite considered cheap so don’t be surprised if the bill is beyond your expected figure. Always check in advance if you don’t want to be dealt with a rude shock. Well, it’s not that bad, really. Lol.

Once you’ve paid, one of the stall people will then deliver the food to wherever you are sitting, together with the sauces and cutlery.

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5 dishes like these with a porridge and a rice cost us just under $12 for 2 persons because hae bee hiam (spicy dried shrimps) was already $3 for that small portion.

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I love dipping fish cakes and vegetables into this chilli sauce which I’d mixed with preserved soy beans (dou jiang). Salty, sweet and spicy – heaven!

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Their home made steamed fish cakes are not to be missed. Fresh, springy and moist with no fishy smell at all.

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The tau kee (beancurd skin) had absorbed the braising liquid which was more on the salty side, typical of most Teochew braises. I loved the texture and bite to it. Another must order.

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What I love about this stir fry broccoli & cauliflower was how they maintained that crisp, crunch and colour and the dish wasn’t greasy at all too.

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My all-time favourite is their hae bee hiam. Squeeze the lime over the dried shrimps for that extra tang. It had a good balance of sweet, salty, sour and spicy and really lifted our tastebuds with its intense and full-bodied flavour. Just this alone with porridge was good enough to excite.

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Needless to say, this was the husband’s order, lol. He loves his lup cheong (chinese sausage) too much. This wasn’t too bad though. The lup cheong was quite meaty and even though they were fried, they weren’t too oily. I don’t sing praises of lup cheong that much but this is one that I’d order again.

Overall, it’s a comforting meal with lots of delightful dishes to please the palates. Will continue to patronise this stall every time I need my dose of porridge!

Xing Long Teochew Porridge (stall on the extreme right)
Liang Seng Huat Private Limited Coffeeshop
Blk 632 Ang Mo Kio Ave 4

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