Delightful Orh Nee (Yam Paste) from Tian Cheng Mei Shi 天成美食 @ Old Airport Road Food Centre

Tian Cheng Mei Shi

While I was queuing up for Selera Rasa’s dum briyani next door, the auntie from this kueh kueh stall who was scooping freshly steamed yam paste into disposable containers kept telling me how fantastic her yam paste was. The thing is, I wasn’t the only person in the queue and I wasn’t even standing nearest to her but she kept beckoning to me to try her yam paste or buy home for my folks because I wouldn’t regret it. Lol, what an adorable & chatty auntie, really. She even gave us two heaped tablespoons of yam paste to sample! Ok, I must say it was my first time getting food samples in a hawker centre and she wasn’t even stingy at all. Anyway, I kept my promise and returned to patronise her stall when we finished our briyani lunch.

There were many different kinds of snacks found at this stall, from traditional childhood biscuits like ‘xiao man tou’ & more, crackers & keropok, colourful nonya kueh to steamed teochew kueh.

Tian Cheng Mei Shi Freshly Steamed Yam Paste

And this was the tray of yam paste which she had also added steamed pumpkin on top.

Tian Cheng Mei Shi Yam Paste with Pumpkin

The yam paste with pumpkin ($4) came in a generous portion. And after having one mouthful, I understood why the auntie was so proud and confident of it. This was one SOLID yam paste, just pure yam and nothing else. It was thick and not overly sweetened. Neither was it oily. It was just yam that was steamed and then mashed so we could taste the original flavour of the root. Paired with the sweeter pumpkin was a match made in heaven. Sweet, fragrant and just delicious. Highly recommended. The yam paste may not be always available but if you do see it while there, do get one to try!

Tian Cheng Mei Shi Colourful Kueh

We also bought a box of colourful kueh kueh made from tapioca and coated with freshly grated coconut at $2 for 8 pieces. Every colour was a different flavour i.e. green = pandan, dark yellow = durian, etc. They weren’t extraordinary but was fun to eat because the colours were so pretty.

Tian Cheng Mei Shi 天成美食
#01-41, Old Airport Road Food Centre
51 Old Airport Road

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