Butter Studio @ Jalan Besar

The husband and I were back at Jalan Besar to hunt for some bathroom parts. And as usual we would have our favourite curry rice lunch at Beach Road Scissor Cut Curry Rice whenever we were there. I must be feeling really ravenous that day because my tummy wasn’t exactly satisfied after a big plate of curry rice and hence we hopped over to Butter Studio which was a few units away from the bathroom accessories shop that we wanted to go to.

Butter Studio 1

Butter Studio first started as a takeaway outlet at Changi Airport but is now a full-fledged cafe in Jalan Besar that serves up preservative-free cakes and pastries that are made from scratch daily.

Butter Studio 2

The old shophouses along Jalan Besar are now undergoing restoration works, hence there are striped poles in front of every shophouse unit but the cafe has cleverly used them to their advantage as decorative poles with artificial creeper plants to minimise the unsightly impact.

Butter Studio 4

Let’s see what were available…

Butter Studio 5 Butter Studio 6 Butter Studio 7 Butter Studio 7a Butter Studio 8

We ordered the Salted Caramel Red Velvet Cake ($7.90) which also came with a splash of salted caramel sauce on the side.

Butter Studio 9

The husband and I often eat red velvet cakes and we really like those dense and moist ones that literally melt on your tongue the moment you put it into your mouth. For this cake, it looked moist at first glance but upon tasting, we felt the texture was a little too dry for our liking. Somehow we felt something was insufficient or missing (the vinegar maybe?) from the cake hence the distinctive flavour of red velvet wasn’t quite accentuated. The frosting tasted heavily of butter cream with hardly any trace of cream cheese. The only thing we liked was probably the salted caramel sauce that was nicely executed to give it that toffee punch.

Butter Studio 10

This was the Christmas Special White Chocolate Velvet Cake ($6.90) in a jar. It was only after both cakes arrived at our table that I realised I had ordered two red velvet cakes in different formats, lol.

Butter Studio 11

While the red velvet cake was similar in taste as the salted caramel one we had, this was actually much more moist than the former. And I particularly loved that sweet and intense white chocolate that had hardened inside the jar which made the whole thing taste more like a white chocolate cake. Presentation wise, it looked kinda cute but for the portion size, I thought it was a little expensive as the jar’s cost had to be taken into consideration. Of course if you want, you can take the jar with you since it’s meant for takeaway anyway.

Butter Studio 12

The Lychee Mint Iced Tea ($6.00) was cold, refreshing and not too sweet but taste wise, it was quite a weak concoction as we couldn’t taste any tea in it. It was like mint tea with canned lychee syrup with the latter being a little overpowering in flavour. The mint flavour was too faint since no fresh mint leaves were used.

Butter Studio 13

The only saving grace was our surprise find of this lychee at the bottom of the cup which we both had to share, lol.

Spending more than 20 bucks over an unimpressive tea break wasn’t what we expected. The husband commented that the cakes were just dry like heartland bakeries’ standard. Lol, when did my hubby become such a food critic these days?! I was disappointed with the atmosphere as it wasn’t really cosy or welcoming so I wouldn’t recommend this place for cafe hopping if you’re looking for somewhere to spend time and chill out in. We just felt this was more like an eat-and-go outlet. Service wise, we were served by a young lady who seemed to be having her first day at work because she looked really blur when we gave our order and had to repeat several times before she got it right. The funny thing was, we weren’t sure what she had done (wrong) when we were making payment as she suddenly just let out a F-word loudly to her colleague. Lol.

Will we return? Very unlikely. We would probably head back to Two Bakers on Horne Road instead.

Do note Butter Studio’s takeaway outlets are available at Takashimaya B2 Food Hall and OneKM Mall #B1-K13. They are Halal Certified.

Butter Studio
147 Jalan Besar
Singapore 208865
Tel: 6884 6884 (for reservations)
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/butterstudio
Opening hours:
Sun-Mon: 12.00pm – 11.00pm
Wed-Thu: 12.00pm – 11.00pm
Fri-Sat: 12.00pm – 12.00am
Closed on Tuesday

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