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Effective Weight Loss: Losing 15kg in 15 weeks – If I can do it, so can you!

Losing 15kg in 15 weeks sounds daunting? It is actually an achievable task! Last week when I was at my gym, one of the regular gym-goers approached me while I was on the leg press machine just to comment that I had slimmed down a lot especially around my middle section. Today, another lady complimented […]

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My Latest Interview with Flavorful World

If you want to know the significance of my blog name, what my favourite food were when I was growing up and what I do besides blogging, read my interview with Flavorful World. ? F.A.Qs: Geri Tan of Spring Tomorrow Flavorful World: When selecting restaurants to review, what criteria or characteristics do you look for? […]

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Gong Xi Fa Cai! 马年行大运!

风水书上说马年将会是我的旺年因为马是属羊者最好的朋友。财神爷,请让我中多多吧! $$$! 哈哈! 其实我真正想要的是身体健康因为健康就是最好的财富。这几个月来,身体一直出毛病,看了几次医生,又去了两次医院急診。真是痛苦又破财啊! 前几天去探望我奶奶,感触许多。不知不觉又掉眼泪了。剩下的日子越来越少,我对她的挂念和敬爱却越来越深。虽然每年的农历新年都会让我勾起一些过去不愉快的回忆,我知道失去的是不会再回来了,所以我只想放开然后珍惜我现在拥有的才是最重要的。今年的新年会是非常平静的。很多事情,我不再强求,也不再执着。只想平平淡淡过日子。只希望奶奶一切都安好。 我也希望身边的每个人都开心,幸福,健康。 在此祝大家在新的一年里… 身体健康 财源广进 吉祥如意 龙马精神 恭喜发财!

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Chinatown Chinese New Year 2014 Festive Street Bazaar

I always frequent Chinatown for its good food but the only time when I feel Chinatown truly comes alive is during the pre-Chinese New Year period. Normally, I try to avoid crowded places but over the weekend, my husband and I decided to venture to Chinatown to bask in the festive mood and revel in […]

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Happy Birthday to me!

The husband gave me a surprise gift last night. It was a Pentax brand retro-style camera and my all-time favourite Forever Friends bear card. I was very touched that my husband managed to find this particular camera because it’s not a popular brand in Singapore. In fact, shops that carry Pentax cameras did not even […]

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Ingredients for Steamboat, Easy Soup Bases and the Best Dipping Sauces

Update Feb 15: Went to Woodlands & Senoko for CNY food factory shopping and found a factory that specialises in a wide variety of steamboat ingredients at incredible prices. Check out my Chinese New Year 2015 Food Factory Wholesale Shopping @ Woodlands & Senoko post to find out more. I am currently planning on what […]

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ToTT Store @ Dunearn Road – A One Stop Shop for Kitchen Supplies

Last month, I received a Mayer brand Dolce Cake Maker from OpenRice Singapore (a local online dining guide) for Christmas but there was a problem with the set so I got it exchanged at ToTT over the weekend and also had a good time exploring the store at the same time since it was my […]

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PasarBella – Singapore’s First Indoor Farmers’ Market

The husband and I specifically made a trip down to The Grandstand (former Turf City) as I wanted to visit Singapore’s first farmers’ market, PasarBella. It is always interesting to explore somewhere new especially when Singapore is so small, sometimes we’d rather chill out at home than be out as we have nowhere else to […]

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Happy New Year

How time flies! It’s time to get used to changing the last digit of the year on dates again. 2013 seems to be a rather short year for me. Probably because it had been eventful so time just passed more quickly. Despite the bad times and illnesses, I am proud of myself for surviving through […]

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What to expect from dengue fever? – Our real-time experience

Sounds like a depressing topic for a Christmas Day post but I thought of sharing my husband’s experience when he got dengue fever recently while details are still fresh in my mind as this episode had worried both of us out because dengue fever isn’t a small problem as it can be life-threatening if it […]

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Merry Christmas to all

Six months were gone in a flash since I moved from my old food blog to this new blog. Thank you all who have walked this journey with me, for giving me a listening ear and for giving me the much needed support and encouragement during the rocky moments and of course, thank you to […]

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Special thanks to a special friend…

I was delighted to receive a surprise at my doorstep when I came home on Saturday. A cheery bouquet of sunflowers 🙂 The name of this bouquet is called ‘Rooting For You’. Three simple words but it’s exactly what my dear friend wanted to tell me. I knew her years back when we shared both […]

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Avoid Telemarketers Through The Do Not Call (DNC) Registry

I can finally bid farewell to unwelcome phone calls and spam text messages come January 2014. I’m sure many of you in Singapore have received countless telemarketing calls from financial institutions and/or insurance companies as well as unsolicited SMSes from property agents, investment firms and the like. Sometimes, they get so frequent, they really get […]

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Singpost Festive Postage Rates for Greeting Cards (for Local & International)

It’s the time of the year to start planning your Christmas wishlist as well as to send cards to family and friends from near and far. Just as I was consolidating addresses and sorting out Christmas cards earlier, I found this table of festive postage rates from Singpost which I’m sure will come in handy […]

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A Homemade Full English Breakfast

I normally don’t eat breakfast but when I do, I eat like a king. And I can never resist a full English breakfast because I love variety. I love eating different things, enjoy different flavours, appreciate different textures all in one meal. For this breakfast, my husband joined me in the kitchen to prepare sauteed […]

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The Best Thing To Eat On A Rainy Day…

…is Steamboat! I’m sure many of you would agree with me 🙂 It’s the end-of-year rainy season now and I just crave for hot, piping steamboat. I just happened to see this Aerogaz induction cooker (with pot) deal at NTUC Fairprice atrium fair at AMK Hub. It only cost $33.90 for the whole set. Anyway, […]

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