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Serangoon Garden Bakery & Confectionery @ Serangoon Garden Market & Food Centre

I really miss those old school bakeries during my childhood days in the 80s that served up straightforward bread buns with simple, homely flavours like ham, otah, hae bee hiam, luncheon meat, etc for just under a dollar each. Unlike these days where all the bakeries seem to be tied up in some intense marketing […]

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Oven Marvel 皇冠烘培 @ Sunshine Plaza – The Best Chicken Pies in Singapore!

I had a special affinity with chicken pies even before I was born. I remembered my mum had once told me before that she always had cravings for 2 types of food when she was carrying me. One of them was nasi lemak and the other, chicken pies. Lol. That’s why when she put on […]

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[Closed] Baker Talent @ Ang Mo Kio Central

Update: This bakery is now closed. The husband always says I’m very ‘atas’ when it comes to bread because I only buy expensive ones from posh-looking bakeries. While it is true to a certain extent that I do find most of those breads truly worth the calories but it’s also because I’ve not been wowed by any […]

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Duke Bakery 面包公爵 @ United Square

I visited Duke Bakery for the first time last month when the husband and I dropped by the Novena area for lunch. As always, I have a soft spot for artisanal breads and even though I know I shouldn’t be consuming so much carbs while trying to lose weight, I just couldn’t resist them. There’s something so […]

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Pine Garden’s Cake @ Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10

I came across Pine Garden’s Cake in my recent Ang Mo Kio food hunt and I recalled this was the same cake shop that the husband had mentioned to me before my birthday because he had read good reviews about its cakes and thought of buying a cake from there for me. (Thank goodness he didn’t!) We […]

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Happy Avenue’s Home Baked Kueh Lapis – New Flavours

* Sponsored Review * In my previous review on Happy Avenue (click here to read), I had raved about Judy Then’s traditional plain kueh lapis which I totally adore. It is a layered cake any kueh lapis aspires to be – buttery rich and full of egg flavour – minus the unwelcome grease on the fingers. When Judy told me she would […]

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Johan Paris (Japanese Bakery) @ Westgate

Visiting Westgate for the first time last week was really a fruitful experience for me as it is a new mall with new (finally!) shops to explore besides different dining options and of course this enticing bakery too. No good bakery escapes my eyes, lol. That’s how passionate I am with breads, not just any other breads […]

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Paris Baguette with food to go

In my previous post on Paris Baguette, I had mentioned that the cafe offers salads, sandwiches and pad thais to go besides pastries. So when I was at Wisma Atria earlier, I couldn’t resist packing the pad thai home for dinner. The green paper label on top was actually meant for the sandwiches but they […]

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Saint Marc Cafe @ Marina Square

The husband and I headed to Marina Square for Lady M’s mille crepes but didn’t expect it to be closed that day. Since we already had lunch and was just looking for desserts, we settled for St. Marc Cafe which I recalled was featured in the local tv food programme, Snack Attack <<超级小吃赞>> a long while […]

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Delectable Cakes from Four Leaves

I’ve never been that crazy over cakes previously but now they are like my ultimate comfort food. When I’m feeling blue, all I need is just a lovely slice of cake and that’d be enough to turn my day around. Like what the husband said to me, I am so easily satisfied. Four Leaves bakery […]

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Brownie Bear

Rive Gauche Patisserie (Revisited)

This is the third time I am reviewing Rive Gauche because it’s really one of the few patisseries in Singapore that I go to frequently for my sugar fix. Read my previous review here. This time round, the husband brought home these two delightful treats to cheer me up as I was feeling a little […]

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Palmier from Marks and Spencer

Marks and Spencer Bakery @ Wheelock Place

When I last blogged about the palmier I had from Galicier Confectionery (read the post here), I made a comment that the one from Marks and Spencer Bakery was much better so when I dropped by Wheelock Place earlier, I decided to grab some bakes to go. In the beginning when M&S had revamped its flagship […]

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Galicier Pastry Chinese New Year Goodies Price List for 2014

The husband and I headed down to Galicier yesterday to pick up a couple of CNY cookies as gifts for the folks. And while I was busy chatting with one of the aunties who was enthusiastically promoting their CNY selections and shoving samples to me to try, the husband was quietly capturing photos of the […]

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Food Factory Outlet Shopping at Woodlands Terrace (Part 2 of 3): Melvados

After spending a frosty hour at Fassler (read Part 1 of this post here) getting our salmon and seafood essentials, godma and I headed further down the road to Foodedge Gourmet where a free food sampling was happening at Melvados. Melvados provides convenient solutions for meals with frozen items like soups, gourmet breads, cooked meats, […]

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Krispy Kreme @ Tangs Orchard

When I studied in the States, Krispy Kreme was something that my mates and I would always buy to enjoy on the go. It was affordable and there was always this ‘Buy a Dozen, Free a Dozen’ promotion going on so the group of us could easily devour 24 doughnuts at once. When we came […]

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Paris Baguette Cafe

Paris Baguette Cafe @ Wisma Atria

It was a lazy Sunday morning but I woke up early feeling bright and cheery. The husband and I had been ill and got no choice but to stay home over Christmas and do nothing. BORING was the word. When I felt myself in top form on the weekend, I was excited to make the […]

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