PrimaDeli Lava Cheese Tarts and my all-time favourite Chicken Pie

Bubble Tea. Froyo. Shibuya Toast. Over-The-Top Milkshake. Korean Fried Chicken. Salted Egg Yolk Croissant. Singapore has a never-ending list of food fads in recent years. Just weeks before popular Japanese cheese tart shop, BAKE opened at ION Orchard, our good old local bakery chain, PrimaDeli also launched their new lava cheese tarts.

PrimaDeli Lava Cheese Tarts

The cheese tarts came in two flavours, Original (S$2.40 each) and Salted Yolk (S$2.80 each). They looked the same but the salted yolk one came with a paper tag on top for easy differentiation of flavours if you buy both types.

PrimaDeli Lava Cheese Tarts

This was what I got when I cut into the salted yolk cheese tart. Molten salted yolk filling started oozing out. I loved the consistency of the filling just like how a good ‘liu sha bao’ (steamed salted egg yolk bun) should be but as it was on the sweeter side, I felt that sweetness had somewhat masked the original flavour of the salted egg so that rich, eggy flavour didn’t quite stand out. If this was made a bit more on the savoury side, I would see myself packing at least a dozen home to enjoy. Price is not cheap for a small tart like this but compared to others, it’s relatively affordable. I wouldn’t mind indulging in it every now and then.

The Original cheese tart didn’t have a molten centre but was still smooth and creamy. The cheese flavour wasn’t robust enough but overall, it was still a rather tasty cheese tart. I actually preferred this to the salted yolk one.

For both tarts, the crust was crumbly and sufficiently buttery without being overly oily and cloying.

PrimaDeli Chicken Pie

And it was also because of the crust that I had been patronising PrimaDeli for its classic chicken pies (S$1.70 each) for more than a decade.

PrimaDeli Chicken Pie

You could see that crumbliness of the crust which would just melt in the mouth. The tasty filling had bits of chicken meat and mushrooms and wasn’t overly salty. Been so long and it has always remained so good. Old fashioned chicken pies like these are just hard to beat. However if you like puff pastry kind of chicken pie, you should check out Oven Marvel at Sunshine Plaza – their chicken pies are the best of the best! 🙂

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